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Synonyms for mucoid

any of several glycoproteins similar to mucin

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relating to or resembling mucus


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6 This strain is different from the classic strain of Klebsiella pneumoniae in terms of its virulence which is due to the presence of rmpA gene (regulator of mucoid phenotype) and siderophore biosynthetic genes.
of Cases Discharge Type Purulent 41 Mucopurulent 28 Mucoid 15 Blood stained 16 Amount Profuse 63 Scanty 37 Odour Foul smell+ 32 Foul smell- 68 Table 7.
Various glycoproteins (neutral, acidic and sulfated) in mucoid substance of different species had special functions such as lubrication, regulation of viscosity, entrapping of food particles, buffering the fluids at the epithelial surface, preclusion of proteolytic epithelial damage, antimicrobial activity and immunological defense (Reid et al.
Caption: Figure 5: Cut-surface showing grey white lesion with mucoid secretions
Almost pure growth of an a-hemolytic mucoid colony.
Histologically, vallecular cysts consist of clear mucoid fluid and have a cyst wall lined with nonkeratinizing squamous epithelium with a lymphoid infiltrate within the fibrous wall of the cyst.
According to mechanical theory a pseudo gel is formed as a result of shift in mucoid elements of saliva caused by hypo-secretion and stasis.
Smooth and off white colonies developed after 48 hours which developed an yellowish shade and mucoid nature later.
The inhibitory concentrations were 2- to 4-fold lower against nonmucoid than mucoid clinical isolates of P.
From 40 specimens, 2 specimens were serosal and 38 specimens were mucoid.
There are two main types of nasal discharge - clear, grey and cloudy mucoid discharges and thick and green or bloody purulent discharges.
A digital myxoid cyst (sometimes called a mucous or mucoid cyst) is an entirely benign swelling that occurs on the fingers or, sometimes, the toes.
In her work, liquid, mucoid, and solid states are scanned and printed; body parts are mold-casted with mercurial compounds.
On gross evaluation, tailgut cysts tend to be multiloculated with a thin, glistening wall and are filled with mucoid or keratin material.
The colonies appeared mucoid and were nonhemolytic.