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Synonyms for mucky

Synonyms for mucky

of, relating to, or covered with slime

Synonyms for mucky

dirty and messy


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All of the owners brought their dogs in for grooming before the event, some had their fur dyed, while others bought new doggy outfits," said Mrs Couch, who owns two branches of Mucky Pups in Cardiff and Chepstow, and has also opened Wales' first Doggy Deli and Barkery in the Cardiff store.
That's the tagline of our Mucky Paws grooming salons, and is how I feel about my very own fur baby, Lucy.
Since oil floats on water, a mucky layer of oil forms on top of your beautiful, pure effervescence.
Highlights of the conference included a day-long workshop for students hosted by representatives from some of Canada's major oil sands producers, a plenary address by process safety expert Richard Gowland of the European Process Safety Centre, and several well-attended field trips including a visit to Saskatoon's prized Canadian Light Source facility, and a mucky trip to tour the nearby potash mines.
The defeat of Wilton Herald was just about the only real shock in the event, but a leading contender emerged in the form of Don and Ger Buckley's Mucky Eamonn, a son of Derby winner Bexhill Eoin and Oaks heroine Sullane Sign.
The system features a round base/stake combination designed to keep decoys in motion with even a slight breeze, while still allowing hunters to use the support, even on frozen or mucky grounds.
2 : to stir or shake forcefully <The boat's motor churned up the mucky water.
Hosted by Mucky Mountains Morris group, based in St Helens, the annual event has come to Liverpool as part of the Capital of Culture celebrations.
The girl who strips off for lads' mags and wrote a mucky book about sexual fantasies now has the nerve to talk about her moral code.
This glues the soil together in a mucky mess, which gives players quite a workout.
Q:] You are playing golf, and your partner lashes a terrific eight-iron shot from about 100 yards out in mucky conditions, the shot of her life, and her ball just catches the fringe above the hole, and what appears to be a gust of wind nudges it just at the crucial second, and the ball heads straight for the hole, and is at most, like, 10 inches away, on a true line, as far as you can tell.
The Liberals have another ace up their mucky sleeves: legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide.
We are almost daily challenged by the mucky world of electoral politics--by coalition building with groups that have very little in common aside from their desire to oust Bush, by a marginal presence in many areas and negligible resources almost everywhere and by the overwhelming challenge of learning (in little less than a year) the terminology, players and processes of a power ring we never before fought in.
In the foreground, two trembling flowers, a terrified glass eyeball in the center of each, are about to be snipped by garden shears; visible through a window behind them is a barren expanse of tree stumps and mucky sky.
Researchers have since speculated that this group, unearthed in a shallow channel and dubbed the First Family by its discoverers, either drowned during a flood or died after sinking into a mucky pit.