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one who spreads real or alleged scandal about another (usually for political advantage)

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Sinclair and the other muckrakers wanted to expose what they saw as unfair or immoral practices by Large corporations or trusts.
My interest in journalism started when I was around 8 years old and I read a children's story about muckraker Nellie Bly's undercover reporting from Bellevue Mental Hospital.
Marshall started TPM Cafe in 2005, TPM Muckraker and Election Central in 2006, and TPM TV in 2007.
IN a pointless interview, Love Island loser Sophie Anderton confirms to ludicrous ITV muckraker Jeremy Vile that ancient revelations she sold her body to pay for drugs were "probably" true.
The onscreen cynicism is provided by British muckraker Oswald Granger (Peter Gunn), who's looking to uncover Hannah Montana's "secret.
Panelists are as follows: - Jen Angel, co-editor and founder of "Clamor" magazine - Roldo Baltimole, Hall of Fame journalist and muckraker - Chas Rich, independent journalist-blogger of Sardonic Views, NEO Babble, and AOL
He parlayed his skills as a journalist, muckraker, and gadfly into a job as editor of Mother Jones, where his managerial and personal shortcomings were quickly exposed in an unusually short-lived tenure.
Which muckraker investigated the Standard Oil monopoly?
If you wanted to be a muckraker, I bet you could find lots of bad things to list as the side effects of publishing a paper in our civilization.
Brimelow considers himself a muckraker, the term coined by Theodore Roosevelt to describe writers who highlighted corruption in government.
For more than a dozen years Moore has served as the nation's unofficial muckraker laureate, exposing and lampooning the greed, arrogance, and corruption of corporate America and the folly and hypocrisy of beltway politics.
Also, it seems that Smith ought to take muckraker Robert Caro to task regarding his "dissing" of Lyndon Johnson, but Caro is not mentioned.
the best law investigative agency in the world and kept it that way for nearly five decades, now has been given the muckraker treatment by Anthony Summers.
Key West Magazine took home two First Place Charlie Awards, one for Best Public Service Coverage, for its 2006 Hurricane Special Issue, "The Rescuers," and another for Best Feature for "Dennis the Menace," the magazine's January, 2007 profile of local tabloid publisher and muckraker Dennis Cooper.