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one who spreads real or alleged scandal about another (usually for political advantage)

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Since spring of last year, Nieman Reports has focused on 21st Century Muckrakers, a collection of articles about investigative reporting.
The latter is what one paper proudly claimed as its slogan when muckrakers got their start by investigating the horrible conditions in sweatshops, where children were chained to their machines for 12 hours a day.
In short sentences and purple prose this British-born, self-proclaimed child of the muckrakers throws the book at the funeral industry in America.
Clifford, the showbiz publicist and notorious muckraker, will doubtless be impressed by the kids' skills at privacy invasion.
The Villalonga affair was sparked June 16 by an article in Spain's best muckraker, daily newspaper El Mundo.
Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Aimee Mann doesn't consider herself a muckraker, and she certainly doesn't see herself as any kind of whistle blower.
Also well regarded were Kaplan's Lincoln Steffens, A Biography (1974), about the prominent journalist and muckraker of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and Walt Whitman: A Life (1980).
With American Pictures, Jacob Holdt unabashedly follows in the footsteps of muckraker Jacob Riis, who, like Holdt, left Denmark to travel among America's dispossessed and expose their misery.
He wonders if being a muckraker might actually be better than being a poet.
Not even a year after Vice Media co-founder and CEO Shane Smith dropped $23 million on a lavish compound in Santa Monica, the multimedia muckraker has shelled out a bit more than $3.
This grotesque institution which has been bleeding us dry for centuries, really needed Lady Muckraker to add insult to the injury it inflicts daily on our democracy.
Praised by William James, Lippmann was at one time assistant to George Santayana, later a researcher for the famous muckraker Lincoln Steffens, and went on to be a political columnist and foreign affairs analyst.
He then pretended to speak to Guru-Murthy, 45, and said: "You are a bottomfeeding ROW Downey Jr & Guru-Murthy, right muckraker.
The IT industry muckraker said that Food Panda would keep the founding duo and their team even after the acquisition.
Not adverse to publicity, Pilz is a muckraker who has exposed cases of corruption in the past.