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Synonyms for mucky

Synonyms for mucky

of, relating to, or covered with slime

Synonyms for mucky

dirty and messy


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Next he drinks water from the River Tyne - it's muckier than the Tees.
I will buy the argument that the muckier corners of the stables require some steam- cleaning but, on an afternoon such as this, with thousands of visitors packing Longchamp for a day they believe in and
But for that, Cronje might well have been given the indemnity now denied him, and the stand-off between him and the United Cricket Board becomes muckier and more acrimonious with each exchange of legal arguments.
All I need is to have my hair flattened down and loads of dirt put on me, the muckier the better.
Anyway, now you have to get out of it without making things muckier than they already are.
IN ANCIENT Rome, one of the muckier jobs was that of Haruspex, a man who predicted the future from studying the entrails of freshly eviscerated animals.
There could be damage to the land if it gets any muckier, but we won't know till next year.
From the dressing rooms right through to the panelled corridors of power, footballers are behaving badly, as the mucky world of soccer simply gets muckier.
THE scandal of perks for Members of the Scottish Parliament gets muckier and murkier.
But it was the whitewash job which just made things look even muckier and more tacky, just as the European Championship campaign begins in earnest.
A IF those sheets were equally dirty, I might agree, but yours are a million times muckier.
Obviously, it worked, but it could have made things much muckier.