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Synonyms for muckheap

a heap of dung or refuse

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22 Thomas Hough left a muckheap which caused a nuisance near le Watteringplace at FishpooI Head (ls.
When you consider what happened to Ammanati's fountain [which has been vandalised several times in recent years], if we didn't have this monitoring, the Loggia would be a muckheap full of disfigured statues.
As Bobby Gould was fond of saying: "It's a muckheap, but it's OUR muckheap.
But then again we know that playing away from home at Pertemps Bees is a different proposition to playing on your own muckheap in front of 4,000 screaming, rugby-fanatic Cornishmen.
But I was skipping out by the muckheap one evening and she came over with one of these coats and asked me if I wanted one.
How reasonable is it, for goodness sake, to charge, say, pounds 35 for a round when the course is in its prime in the spring and in the summer, and ask the same amount when it's a muckheap and has 18 temporary greens in the winter?