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Synonyms for mucilaginous

having a heavy, gluey quality

Synonyms for mucilaginous

having the sticky properties of an adhesive

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Similar to eggs of some other species of Cerambycidae, eggs of both species are long, slightly curved along the longitudinal axis, with poles of different sizes, and covered with a mucilaginous transparent layer (Hernandez 1990, Ciach and Michalcewicz 2009).
When cut, it secretes a mucilaginous liquid responsible for its slimy texture, which is also a natural thickener in dishes like soups and stews, including gumbo.
Parasites and anti-parasitic herbs, astringents, demulcents, mucilaginous herbs are covered in a similar manner starting with physiological effects, and several highlighted herbs rounding out each section.
Problems in passion fruit seed germination may mainly occur due to the negative effect of growth regulating substances present in aryl, a mucilaginous layer that surrounds the seeds of this species (Osipi et al., 2011).
Blend in a blender, using only enough purified water to create a mucilaginous paste.
Reattachment of fronds to the different substrates cultivated in the tanks was observed after 12 days through the mucilaginous union of the fronds to both substrates (calcareous and rocky).
Increased TOC (75%) after application of biofertilisers (Bacillus megatherium and Bacillus mucilaginous) compared with uninoculated control plots has also been reported by Wu et al.
Long ago, the native upland varieties were wonderfully textured and polished such as Kintoman which is an aromatic, rounded, fat grained rice with a lightly mucilaginous exterior when cooked.
Gummy crude extract weighing 65 g was obtained from 65 kg of mucilaginous gel.
This plant is a cactus-like perennial, drought resistant, succulent plant with lance-shaped leaves containing clear gel in a central mucilaginous pulp.
They are translucent, transparent or opaque and mucilaginous. This aspect corresponds to the characteristics of the bacteria of Rhizobium genus [19].
Many Salvia species are well known for their mucilaginous fruits (Hedge, 1970; Ryding, 2001).
Tweens had struck on a recipe for a mucilaginous, stomach-turning substance and were posting videos of themselves playing with it.