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Synonyms for mucilaginous

having a heavy, gluey quality

Synonyms for mucilaginous

having the sticky properties of an adhesive

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Although the embryos of Ericaceae are usually white, seeds of many epiphytic, berry-fruited species are enclosed in a mucilaginous testa and the embryos are green (personal observations are few).
Morphological and physiological characteristics may also influence the development of this group in the epiphyton, as they have the ability to secrete mucilage to form stalks or mucilaginous matrices, allowing the attachment to substrates (Round, 1991).
The mucilaginous achenes adhere to the soil surface after they are dispersed during the rainy season.
Wetting of the wood caused the imbibition of its mucilaginous components; the wet wood expanded and cleaved the rock block in the desired location.
Mercury induced the secretion of a mucilaginous substance on the epidermal surface and suppressed the differentiation of roots.
In vivo observations of macroalgal thalli showed the presence of multispecific colonial growths in mucilaginous films (Amphora bigibba, Amphora proteus, Amphora ventricosa, Caloneis elongata, Cocconeis dirupta, Cocconeis scutellum, Cocconeis scutellum var.
secretes a small droplet of mucilaginous fluid from its micropyle, which
The occurrence of a great number of individual specimens with mucilaginous sheath occurred in September and December, but it is not possible to state that sheath production is an opportunistic event (Reynolds, 2006).
During cocoa post harvest treatment such as pods opening, a viscous and acidic solution is produced from the mucilaginous pulp surounding beans.
7) The mucilaginous botanicals aloe vera and licorice (DGL) were used to reduce Gl inflammation and support healing of the mucosa.
The mucilaginous juice of okra gives it a slimy texture.
The cells at the tip of the hairs then rapidly release a mucilaginous layer that fixes the seed to the ground, helping successful germination.
Colleters are considered to be glandular trichomes that produce a mucilaginous or resinous substance and are present in the shoot apex (Fahn 1990).
The chief constituent of Irish moss (about 55%) is a mucilaginous body, a polysaccharide.