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Synonyms for mucilaginous

having a heavy, gluey quality

Synonyms for mucilaginous

having the sticky properties of an adhesive

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Microorganisms were identified as Rhodotorula mucilaginous, Galactomyces pseudocandidum, Escherichia coli, and Rhodotorula sp.
A possible explanation for these results could be the damage or removal of the water-soluble mucilaginous envelope of conidia during the preparation of inoculum (Sanchez-Pena et al.
For instance, Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller), a perennial succulent xerophyte, with elongated pointed fleshy leaves consisting of two parts, an outer skin (green rind) and an inner pulp (colorless mucilaginous gel), has been widely used as a healing plant in the history of mankind.
Unripe fruit containing tannins or mucilaginous substances, cut up in slices, sun dried and conserved and prescribed in chronic dysentery and diarrhea [8, 10].
In some cases, this is due to a negative reaction to the mucilaginous quality.
We combine goldenrod with mucilaginous marshmallow roots that we grow in our richest garden beds.
The Aloe vera leaf was sliced open and the mucilaginous gel was removed and applied to the cesarean section incision, which was then wrapped in sterile gauze.
The results highlight the presence of mucilaginous substances in the vacuoles of the secretory cells as shown by a positive reaction to the PAS test (see Figure 5G).
If on current oral medications, use of this herbs should be at least 2 h before or after these drugs because fenugreek fiber has the potential to interfere with the absorption of oral medication due to its mucilaginous contents (which gives it a moist and sticky texture)
Linseed has a high rate of a soluble mucilaginous fiber with positive impacts on hypercholesterolemia and hyperglycemia in humans.
37) A thick, highly mucilaginous soup made from the leaves of a type of mallow boiled in (usually) chicken broth.
Sporting bright purple flowers, common butterworts are sometimes called bog-violets, however, they are not violets and have stalked, mucilaginous glands on their leaves, similar to sundews, though smaller.
Characters considered for species identification were trichome width, cell length, presence of calyptrae, filament isopolarity, shape of apical cells, presence of intertabicular constrictions and presence of mucilaginous cases (Komarek & Anagnostidis 2005).
In the studied green laminated crusts, the existence of mucilaginous biofilms around the filaments and their role as a chelating compound secreted by microorganisms in the precipitation of glauconitic micas may be inferred by the occurrence of voids surrounded by glauconite reproducing the branching filamentous microstructures.
Bile largely soaks up acids and toxins from the body due to fairly high fibre content during the process of digestion, the soluble pectin-based mucilaginous fibre in okra binds with this toxic bile and allows it to be eliminated quickly.