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the Muslim official of a mosque who summons the faithful to prayer from a minaret five times a day

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They had come here for the purpose of being tried and explore the probability of being hired," Dr Al Muazzin contended.
According to details, two persons trying to take away the batteries from the tower of a mobile company adjacent to a religious seminary and Masjid situated in sector I-10/1 were overpowered by a staffer Osama and Muazzin of Masjid Zahid Rasheed.
The loud Arab weddings and nightly prayers by the muazzin [over a powerful loudspeaker] at 4:30 a.
I was told that while muazzin (the one who summons to prayers) calls azan (the summons to prayers), Allah Himself joins the muazzin, calling azan with him.
Apart from being inadequate, the current structure which can accommodate a maximum of 450 worshippers at a time, also lacks a permanent Imam (prayer leader) and a Muazzin (one who gives call for prayers).
Prince Faisal opened other services such as the first stage of luggage lockers in the courtyards of the Prophet's Mosque, a platform of the two holy mosques' smart applications, an electronic and print guide for the Prophet's Mosque, screens for new prayer areas, a package of e-services of imams and muazzins, the upgraded version of the mosque's internal gates, and another upgraded version of the statistics, information and services system.
For this very reason, Allah has never chosen women as Prophets, nor has He permitted them to become Imams, Muazzins, Amirs, or the leaders of the people.