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one thousandth (10^-3) of a second

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With respect to Part 1 and Part 2, a delay by part interaction was suggested by a significant Welch test comparing the means at the 4000 msec delay (W = 25.270, p < .001, corrected for three comparisons).
MR cholangiopancreatography is based on modified echo-train sequences, in which the effective TE becomes longer--approximately 250 to 500 msec. Lengthening the TE results in heavily T2W high-contrast images that yield most soft tissues dark and that make fluid in the bile ducts, gallbladder, and pancreatic duct very bright.
-- Access times less than 95 msec (80 msec for CD-ROM)
Imaging parameters included a TR of 10,002 msec, effective TE of 145 msec and TI of 2200 msec.
PHOTO : The CM202 (serial) and 214 (SCSI) high performance CD-ROM drives feature less than 350 MSEC average access, a 40,000 MTBF and embedded audio capability.
This problem is a result of the long time interval required between commands, 3.5 msec at 19.2 kbaud for transmission alone.
Faeldon, however, admitted signing the GCTA approval for heinous crime convicts, but with a caveat that 'so did ALL of his predecessors who, like him, relied on the expert review, validation and processing by an MSEC.'
Tend-Q was significantly longer in group 2 [401.6[+ or -]18.1 millisecond (msec) vs.
SPECTRAL EVOLUTION'S SR-1901PT spectroradiometer can capture the full spectrum from 280 to 1900 nm in a single flash with a 1 msec integration time to measure both short and long pulse solar simulators for spectral match to AM 0 or AM 1.5.
Typical integration times for -20 to 350 C objects with a FLIR InSb camera range from about 6 msec to 50 psec depending on the camera model.
* Shock and vibration resistance (100 g for 11 msec).
A 6 months follow-up transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) showed a left intraventricular dyssynchrony (Fig.1A), with a standard deviation of 14% and a delay of activation between septum and lateral wall >120 msec; these findings were hypothesized as a cause of the worsening of the clinical status (NYHA III), of a marked reduction of the LVEF (30%) and of a severe mitral regurgitation (Fig.
Ambient [NO.sub.2] levels were inversely associated with the standard deviation of normal-to-normal (NN) intervals ([beta] = -10 msec; 95% CI, -20 to -0.34 msec) and positively associated with the ratio of low-frequency to high-frequency power ([beta] = 1.4; 95% CI, 0.35 to 2.5) 2 hr after the start of cycling.