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Synonyms for mow

mow something or someone down

Synonyms for mow

a loft in a barn where hay is stored

cut with a blade or mower


Related Words

make a sad face and thrust out one's lower lip

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Judge Daniel Pearce-Higgins sparked controversy after delivering a puny sentence on hit-and-run driver Jaswinder Singh for mowing down 20-year-old medical student Abigail on a pelican crossing.
After this Topasna continued to accelerate for a further 22 seconds mowing down pedestrians at every turn.
He described how a horrified driver witnessed her mounting a grass verge, mowing down pedestrian Perry Russon.
POLICE have been accused of mowing down a father-of-three in their patrol car before spraying him with CS gas and beating him with batons.
But instead, his Volvo estate shot forward, smashing into a third home and mowing down Mrs Hamerski on the way.
Still, Televisa has, more than anything, behaved like an elephant, an enormous beast that goes where its voracious appetite takes it, mowing down everything in its path.
A car "flashed by like a streak of lightning" before mowing down a pensioner, a court heard yesterday.
A movie showing a gun maniac mowing down primary school children was shown on the Sky Movie Channel days before the massacre.
Summary: Melbourne [Australia], December 23 (ANI): A Melbourne Magistrates' Court on Saturday has charged the driver accused of deliberately mowing down pedestrians in Melbourne with 18 counts of attempted murder.