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Synonyms for mow

mow something or someone down

Synonyms for mow

a loft in a barn where hay is stored

cut with a blade or mower


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make a sad face and thrust out one's lower lip

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Rada S, Mazalova M, Sipos J, Kuras T (2014) Impacts of mowing, grazing and edge effect on Orthoptera of submontane grasslands: perspectives for biodiversity protection.
Cooler nights and dewy weather starts grass into growth so carry on mowing. Raise the blades with each cut.
Factors such as the type of vegetation and terrain cannot be changed; however, contractors do have control over the mower speed, the condition of the mower blades, and to some degree the mowing height setting on their mowers.
Yes, a stronger-growing lawn will require more frequent mowing. During the cool moist weather of spring and fall, mowing may be needed every five days.
Austrian scythes, which have been handmade in Austria for nearly 500 years, are the frog-friendly alternative to mechanised mowing.
And continuous compulsive mowing is the enemy of unkempt.
* Explain the effects of mowing on turfgrass plants
Nothing makes people feel prouder than mowing their lawn ...
Breaking The Tenth, Mowing: "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house?
A few years back, I was working on some rental property and the yard was in serious need of mowing. I hired a 12-year-old boy to mow while I went to work on the projects inside.
Buffalograss has been described in numerous Extension and trade publications as a low maintenance turfgrass that has reduced irrigation, nitrogen, and mowing requirements and few disease and insect pests (Pozarnsky, 1983; Leuthold et al., 1991; Riordan, 1991; Wu et al., 1991), but scientific-based information supporting these claims is lacking.
Instead of leaving you bone tired at the end of mowing you feel invigorated.
The second mowing has a layer of compost applied to it before tilling, about mid-September.
In "Path," an observation of a teenage boy mowing the lawn turns into a reflection on youth, beauty, desire, the inevitability of time: "He does not know/ that before my lungs failed-before/ the tin sting of radiation, and the small/ eye of tissue formed in may throat/ a tornado of dark cells filling it--I was beautiful ...
If you stop and think about what you are doing, you can get the work done effectively and safely and get the most out of mowing equipment.