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Overall, it seems Moving Picture World much preferred the term "motion picture," or--as the publication's own name suggests--"moving picture." By contrast, in 1910, an editor for The Film Index argued that "we never could endure the term 'moving picture,'" arguing that it was "ambiguous" and "incorrect." The editor also believed "nickelodeon" was problematic as a synonym for "film," an application that apparently did occur in that era, rather than "nickelodeon's" proper designation as the "place of amusement" where films were screened.
"Startup cities could change that by creating real economic opportunities and innovative government structures, not just in Honduras, but around the world," added Moving Picture Institute fellow Ross Kenyon;
In the current events of the world presented at a local moving picture theatre in Oelwein on a recent night was a scene where Bonar Law, MP, was addressing an audience of 100,000 people in Belfast, Ireland, in opposition to the home rule law.
Likewise, Richard Abel develops our understanding of moving picture programming, detailing the initial emphasis on the projector and going on to discuss the subsequent and varied use of moving pictures by itinerant exhibitors, variety theatre managers, educators, and businessmen developing programs in permanent cinema theatres.
That's why the album's called A Moving Picture. It's cinematic, but it's also about transition."
This advanced panel provides clear moving pictures, high contrast, and a wide colour viewing angle.
The Moving Picture Company went for pounds 59 million in December 2004 to the French electronics group Thomson and the sale of ITV's 18 per cent stake in Village Roadshow generated pounds 36 million.
In 1970, though, it did not seem necessary to Baldwin to forfeit all of moving picture technology as always and only White and to remain content with a small fraction of the print market.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-24 February 2005-Digital Vision AB receives image processing system order from The Moving Picture Company(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
The model's stunning design houses an integrated NTSC tuner, a 3D Y/C digital comb filter, and a high moving picture response speed (16m/sec.).
Hitachi is a leader in the development of technologies, which offer high-picture quality and a wide viewing angle and are well-suited for moving picture images.
NIST actively participated in the development of the MPEG-7 Multimedia Content Description Interface standard, which was released at the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) meeting in Thailand in December 2001.
It was a very moving picture of a mother giving up all she had for her daughter, all without one word of bitterness.
If life, as The Onion argues, has begun to imitate a bad Jerry Bruckheimer movie, it is this far different, far more democratic sort of moving picture that captures the real horror of our world.
This moving picture boOk biography expresses the sorrow, anger and strength of the woman who made herself Sojourner Truth.