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With this, the company has successfully done something that few movie houses have ever managed to do before.
Macalintal further said that he is still in negotiations with other mall owners with movie houses to extend the same privilege to senior citizens.
Iran is due to get its first cinema multiplex this month when a brand new shopping center and movie house opens to boost the number of screens in cinema-starved Tehran by almost 20 percent.
Released in France in June, the film became a box office hit, attracting more than 900,000 viewers, and is still playing in more than 100 movie houses nationwide.
Waves the size of buildings, this was a cinematic treat when it was in movie houses.
NOW the school holidays are under way, movie houses start pumping out their wares to attract the family audiences.
Our movie houses; a history of film and cinematic innovation in Central New York.
1994 Australian drag queens spice up the outback and movie houses courtesy of a redecorated motor coach dubbed Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.
Festivities were curtailed; wedding parties were postponed until after Lent, even the movie houses closed on Good Friday.
THEATERS could've been reviewed in our 'Arts' section for its powerful architectural focus, but it'd be a shame to limit its attraction to architects alone; any with an interest in the stage and theater productions will find this a comprehensive, fascinating survey of the changing history and styles of theaters from early playhouses to modern movie houses. It's the first comprehensive study of American theaters and uses holdings from the Library of Congress to profile a range of styles and settings across the U.S.
Reading Barthes (in translation) over bad coffee at Puerto Rican bakeries kept cynicism at bay and gave hope that you could get paid to write semiotic analyses of televangelism or revival movie houses. At a time when leftist politics had lost direction, Bernard-Henri Levy, with his dashing hairdo and billboard pronouncements, drove the last stake through the heart of Stalin's epigones and the dream of communist utopia; in doing so, he cleared the ground for ...
Nowhere were these insurgent notions of free love and political sovereignty better set to collide than in local movie houses, and Cinepix was just the film company to harness the spirit of the Quiet Revolution.
Last month, Ohio joined California, Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin and Washington, D.C., in Hollywood's attempt to combat digital piracy by banning cameras and other recording devices such as image-capturing cell phones in theaters and movie houses. Ohio's new law allows movie theaters to detain people suspected of videotaping movies, just as department stores can confine suspected shoplifters.
and through to the audiences in my mind who were sitting in movie houses all over the country admiring my performances.
People staying home after movie houses, karaoke parlors, discos, and other venues were closed in an effort to contain the spread of the virus could consult the official reading list of nearly 100 titles.