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And in 2016, Regal Entertainment Group, the nation's largest movie house chain, said it was not intending to renew the lease for the Northpark 14 theater in Ridgeland.
The new Kourosh Shopping and Cultural Complex, opening July 29 on the western side of Tehran, will add 14 new cinemas, though that will still leave the capital with only half as many movie houses per hundred thousand population as it had before the revolution.
Miller said if the town were to carry on with the movie house, it would have to invest $25,000 to $40,000 for a digital projection system.
30pm at Movie House, Dublin Road - and you could be there to see it ahead of anyone else.
During work on "Heart of Jenin," the story of the donation of Ahmad's organs, filmmaker Marcus Vetter spotted the local movie house, closed in the late 1980s, and decided to refurbish it.
Blonde bimbo Paris Hilton can't stop bleating on about her 'brilliant' death scene in up coming horror movie House Of Wax.
Worldwide Shorts honcho Shane Smith wanted to capture the tail end of the student audience in mid-May and secure the Isabel Bader Theatre, the classiest movie house in Toronto.
There was a movie house, a club for the workers, a club for managers.
2003 issue and debated in subsequent issues], since he patronized the same jack-off movie house in New York I did in the early 50's, before he went to Paris.
Francis Ford Coppola is overseeing renovation of the Uptown Theater in Napa, an Art Deco movie house built in 1937, where he plans to hold screenings and movie premieres.
Music, once accessible only through live performance, radio, or the movie house, is now omnipresent.
Its owners, James Genereaux and his wife, Susan, found it a money-losing proposition after buying the old movie house 12 years ago.
Showing movies during the working week, she wryly took up the idea of unemployment as an economic dead spot within the booming late-'90s world economy (and, specifically, the almost fully employed Norway), looking to open up a few hours of unproductive, unprogrammed time at a moment when new information technologies allowed work to permeate the boundaries between office and home, public and private, If, as Smithson wrote, "To spend time in a movie house is to make a 'hole' in one's life," then Mir asked her audiences to make a hole in work in order to create time for life.
A long-vacant movie house in downtown Little Rock is under new ownership after a $110,000 deal.
The two-theatre movie house closed down in 1999, just as the Famous Players SilverCity theatre opened its doors.