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Synonyms for movie

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For those who access this movie on videotape or digital disc, or by means of a TV channel, the video presentation has also "translated" the film into yet another medium.
A typical movie production can cost more than $300,000 a day and involve dangerous stunts, special effects, a cast and production staff of hundreds and unique liability exposures.
Every movie review on the Movies In Review Today site is properly written by professionals who understand what good movies are all about.
'Huling Gabi' (from the movie Last Night) - composed and arranged by Jose Quest Villanueva, III, interpreted by Moira Dela Torre
FYI: The movie of Wonder, about a boy with facial differences worried about being in school for the first time, is due to open in November.
While the number of Cambodians watching movie at the Cinema is increasing the Kingdom imports hundreds of movies from abroad each year to respond to the rising demand of movies at the cinemas.
'The website will also act as a forum for movie buffs to discuss different aspects of a movie, participate in regular contests and movie quizzes,' he noted.
Currently, she serves as executive producer of Showtime at the Apollo, the nationally-syndicated weekly variety program, and the annual Black Movie Awards, which airs on TNT.
Eric Roth, who wrote the script for The Good Shepherd, is quoted on the movie's website as saying: "I researched people who went into the early years of the CIA and where they came from.
Cost is also the dominant dislike among moviegoers, with 41% of those who have seen at least one movie in the past year saying they dislike the cost of going to the movies.
One mother told me that when her 15-year-old daughter asked to see R-rated films, she responded, "First, you have to ask each time, and second, when you come home you have to tell me how you saw--or didn't see--God's presence in that movie." They realized, as do most mature adults, that an R rating does not mean immoral; it means the story is for people old enough to understand the complexities of human behavior and the consequences of choices.
Though Westmoreland jokes that he and Glatzer "put the 'co' in codirecting," the pair claim they got along swimmingly during the shoot, even while allowing their home to double for the gay couple's in the movie. "Our house looks like some frumpy professor lives there, but it got dressed up for the movie," admits Glatzer.
Drive-In Movie Memories Janson Media 88 Semmens Road, Harrington Park, NJ 07640 1568392265 $24.95
The movie Brokeback Mountain, represents the next stage in the campaign to homosexualize society--a movement that accelerated with the 1999 film American Beauty.
You're not holding the usual movie review overview of the top name productions when you purchase Videohound's Golden Movie Retriever: you're holding a weighty guide packing in over 27,000 movie review into some 1600 pages including appendices such as an Awards Index, listings of specials and comedy, and more.