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one of a pair of posts (usually joined by a crossbar) that are set up as a goal at each end of a playing field

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The Irish League simply moved the goalposts," he points out.
In essence, the Surgeon General moved the goalposts after he located the ball on the field.
He said: "Darron was on the point of going to Sunderland and somewhere along the line I think Sunderland moved the goalposts.
The club we have been speaking to have moved the goalposts, so we have backed out of the deal.
We reluctantly do so and then find they have moved the goalposts for the kids' pounds 99 season-ticket, which was under 11-years-of-age.
Pity her letter was published the day after a damning report from Sheffield Hallam University showing how unemployment figures have been understated since Labour moved the goalposts in 1997.
That clause would have been triggered by his appearance in the 2-0 defeat against Scunthorpe last Saturday, but the former Leicester City central defender (pictured) has now moved the goalposts.
Brits tried and failed for 10 years to raise the offshore record of 4lb 6oz 8dms, set off Scotland in 1995, until Mark Donnelly, a 45-year-old Lancashire job seeker from Leyland, moved the goalposts to 4lb 9oz, subject to Record Committee confirmation.
As determined as they come, he has moved the goalposts for jump jockeys
But furious Scots team boss Willie Cook revealed: "We were told we'd won the title but the organisers moved the goalposts and changed the calculation methods.
Although selectors have predominantly looked to bring in emerging talent, the retirements of experienced campaigners Ricky Ponting and Hussey in quick succession have moved the goalposts somewhat, according to Australia coach Mickey Arthur.
s s t d y e d World governing body UCI moved the goalposts, restricted the sprint quotas and did everything to try to prevent another Team GB landslide.
How do we know if, or how often, they have moved the goalposts in their bid to tick off "achievements"?
A leaked letter from BOA chief executive Andy Hunt to all Olympic sports in Britain claims IOC lawyers moved the goalposts before the March 7 meeting by demanding the BOA waive the right to pursue the dispute with the Court of Arbitration for Sport.
JUST when we thought that 3345 was safe, those contrary so-and-sos at Hit and Run have moved the goalposts again - well actually, they've gone further and taken their ball home and demanded that all tenants quit the Parr Street buildings by the end of July.