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being excited or provoked to the expression of an emotion

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In addition, the footprint of the jet moved in and around the top of the sprue, adding even more turbulence and variability to the flow in the basin and sprue.
Sixteen percent of respondents had moved within the two years prior to the first interview, and bivariate analyses revealed many differences between these youth and others.
The Answer: It is not because of vacuum, but the reason for this is that suction did not create vacuum and sucking moved air inside the flask through forced motion and successive movements created heat; the heat expanded air and when air is expanded in the flask, it requires more space, hence it is necessary that some of it must go out and whatever can find space will stay in the flask and upon contact with cold water, this air will compress and contract, requiring less space and because vacuum is not possible, water rises up in the flask to the extent of contraction of the air.
We have moved the same variety of tree in the area, but not that size - very similar height, same width, but the trunk is the difference.
After graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University, where he concentrated on dance and theater, he moved to New York in 1989, only to realize that the Graham company was not the right venue for him.
217-2(g) (5) states that, if a MAF's spouse or dependent moves to or from a different location than does the MAE he is deemed to have commenced work at a new principal place of work within the same general location as the location to which the MAF moved.
But he suspects that other physician executives who have moved to top-level positions in organizations may feel the same networking loss that he has experienced.
INDIANAPOLIS -- Indianapolis Moving Company, All My Sons Moving & Storage recently moved defensive tackle Fili Moala of the Indianapolis Colts.
A good plan will define what is to be moved, when it is to happen, who is responsible and the timeline for each aspect of the relocation.
Automobiles were moved with 3 percent of the shipments.
The proof of this is that whatever is in its natural position and is light, it will be moved upward because it is light and its natural position is upward but it cannot be said that whatever is light, is in its natural position in actuality because this will contradict what I have just said: it will be "in its natural position" as well as "not in its natural position" at the same time; and that is self-contradictory.
Burton Cummings, 61, has already moved in and is getting used to the new comforts of home.
The exodus from California in 1994 continued as Mayflower moved 82% more households out of the state than were moved in.
J from moved from Lincoln Park to Milwaukee's west side.
What can a CPA firm member do to get the firm moved to a new location on time, within budget and without mishap?