move back and forth

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move in one direction and then into the opposite direction

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Computers control pistons, cylinders that move back and forth, under the motion base to rock the simulator in sync with an on-screen image.
You move from one context to another, you move back and forth, but the people who you're talking with always must know that what's coming at them is this radical democratic perspective.
2 : the action of moving or causing to move back and forth or from side to side very quickly : the state of being swung back and forth
I could see the writing on the wall that there weren't a lot of options because, with the way our team is set up, there are a lot of first and third basemen,,'' Green said, ``So I told him that I feel comfortable enough at first that it would be OK to move back and forth here and there.
They have moist skin, the eyes move back and forth and every muscle that the dinosaur would have is represented by some form of movement.