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However, while many have supported the Tamil Tigers as their best chance to move back to a Sri Lanka without ethnic discrimination, many Tamils are questioning some of the group's policies.
Quite a few people move back to new developments in the city," he said.
A move back there would suit me down to the ground.
Management of Premier Mortgage believes the pending move back to the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board is a milestone in their growth and success.
The singer has been miserable since the couple moved from London to Los Angeles and wants to move back to his native England, once the school year is over, Radar Online reported.
Patients moved back onto the Ocean and Land wards yesterday and children from the Sky ward are due to move back today .
Super League ADRIAN MORLEY would gladly swap Britain for Bondi and move back to Australia - but only after his playing days are done.
NOW that a General Election is looming, I wonder if the Labour Party needs to move back to its roots?
Deciding to move back home is just as big a decision as deciding to move abroad in the first place and requires just as much planning.
Children who move back home having been away at university have become adults themselves and will have developed their own style of living.
Summary: In another example of recent EUR strength, the EUR/GBP has bounced up off of support and has started to move back to the upside.
The study found that it is not just young people who are being forced to swallow their pride and move back in with their parents, with an estimated 440,000 twenty-five to 34-year-olds returning home.
The Chinatown Tenants Union helped some of the vacated residents find housing, and some tenants are suing the landlords who won't provide a timeline about when the buildings will be brought up to code and residents will be able to move back in.
His house by the lake sits empty, and he'll never move back to New Orleans, but he's found a new way to get by.
A mother whose family had to leave their home after it was damaged by fire are still waiting to move back in.