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pass to the other side of


travel from place to place, as for the purpose of finding work, preaching, or acting as a judge

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"This E-cart will enable those who may find difficulty walking to move around the park and thus make their visit more convenient and enjoyable," NPDC executive director Penelope Belmonte said.
With so much data to move around, the internet just isn't going to cut it.
Zohair Yousafi, Head of Expansion for Pakistan, explains, "We are excited about our growth in Lahore and we are committed to making Uber the most affordable and convenient option to move around. On the driver side, we are confident that increased demand will also mean higher earnings.
Under this blueprint, during ground operations the wing tips would be folded down to allow the plane to move around an airport more easily.
The topic pertains to how people and goods move around, or are moved around, in the built environment.
Watching the Pope move around safely might help change such misconceptions and show that the West Bank is perfectly secure, and prove that the Israeli propaganda is just that, propaganda.
Stay exactly where you are in the hope that somebody or something familiar will walk/fly/ crawl past; or move around and pray that whatever direction you're going, you will get somewhere.
As well as a report on dialogue with citizens that Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding hopes to carry out in EU member states, and despite cynicism among those who see this as a personal communications operation, Reding will put forward 12 proposals aimed at improving the daily lives of Europeans - particularly those who move around within the Union.
Infrastructure is similarly excellent, with good road networks, but both are big countries, so you can eat quite a bit of time if you want to move around. My recommendation for a first safari, in either country is to pick one area that has a selection of game that appeals to you and stick with it.
Summary: Honda have unveiled an unusual personal transport device, which they hope will revolutionise the way people move around.
to move around but through, as breath, as bodies' erasure, words
While nobody in the Games organising committee is saying that the athletes have been asked to stay out in the Village after their events, teams have privately been advised not to move around freely.
These planets are unusual because they orbit, or move around their stars, backward.
The light-emitting Ambulight PDT can be worn by patients as they move around, reducing the amount of time they need to spend in hospitals.
In order to monitor how the pieces of rubbish move around the cities and beyond, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed a small mobile sensor that can be attached to individual pieces of waste.