movable barrier

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a barrier that can be moved to allow passage

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To date, there are eight locations in the Northeast region using movable barrier technology to relieve stress at chokepoints.
The movable barrier is constructed of a series of interconnected sections of barriers hinged together to form a continuous chain.
A $5,000 fine for every five minutes of traffic delay in moving the movable barrier to accommodate traffic was written into the contract.
In Stage 2, the contractor transferred the movable barrier to the shoulder side of the highway, deploying it to close the outside lane.
The movable barrier has four synthetic rubber feet to provide constant firm contact with the road surface.
The movable barrier was installed on the Tappan Zee Bridge in late 1992 and has been shifted on a daily basis weekdays since February 1, 1993.
Thruway Authority engineers and planners started looking into the use of a movable barrier, along with other measures to help relieve traffic congestion, in the mid-1980s.
Italian officials have long sought movable barriers to protect Venice from sea bed high tide, though that infrastructure isn't expected to be available until 2014-2015.
A cost analysis revealed that although the initial cost of the movable barriers (including a leased transfer and transport machine) would be higher than the traditional concrete barriers, the cost over the entire project would be less.
Because further analysis of the proposed construction sequence revealed that the project schedule for highway work could be reduced by 1 year with the use of the movable barriers rather than the traditional barriers, additional cost savings due to reduced traffic impacts and delays on State Route 146 are expected."
Greatly miniaturized robots made of hydrogel might someday shimmy across the surfaces of microchips, acting as tiny delivery carts or movable barriers. Some incarnations might glide through a person's intestines or other internal cavities collecting medical data or dispensing medication, the experimenters say.
Ships dock on either side of the pier and board or disembark their passengers through walkways into the customs and immigration area that is separated from the public area by movable barriers. On either side of this secure zone, enclosed ramps arch over to Osanbashi Hall, a cavernous multi-purpose room that can also be accessed from a broad ramp leading down from the roof.
Leakage has been a persistent problem with deckles, says the company, which are movable barriers at both ends of the die that.
Most of Rotterdam lies below sea level, and movable barriers near the mouth of the port's main channel protect the region from storm surges originating in the North Sea.
Other possible locations include movable barriers in dispersive mixing devices, and shear devices in twin-screw extruders.