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Synonyms for movable


Synonyms for movable

capable of moving or being moved from place to place

a piece of equipment for comfort or convenience

Synonyms for movable

(of personal property as opposed to real estate) can be moved from place to place (especially carried by hand)

Related Words

capable of being moved or conveyed from one place to another

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This project will reinforce the ability of financial institutions to expand their lending operations in exchange for movable securities and movable funds, which may include inventory and receivables used as collateral.
This project strengthens the ability of financial institutions to expand their lending operations against movable securities and the use of movable funds that include, for example, inventory and receivables as collateral.
Erik Schmall and Mike Mathias of Savills Studley represented Movable Ink.
The registry will fulfil two key functions: to notify parties about the existence of an existing security interest in movable property and to establish the priority of creditors with regard to third parties.
Movable sights require you to use a marked sight tape in order to set your sight for different distances.
Imparting the knowledge of movable block printing ensured the calendars would be copied accurately.
In his affidavit filed along with the election form, Jaitely declared movable property worth Rs 38.
The Movable Yeast series got off to a great start with the August introduction of Saint Arnold Weedwacker, which was enthusiastically received by Texas craft beer fans.
The only way you're going to have a pin for every possible yardage is to use a sight that has a movable pin.
The basic roughing operation was the milling of starting material bars of dimensions of 120 x 260 x 320 for the movable insert and 100 x 260 x 320 for the fixed insert, and the so called "skinning" of the profile, so that the least possible material allowance was left before the milling of the proper forming shape on the numerically controlled machine tools.
solve this problem with a single pressure-equalizing tank with a movable out-flow plate.
But Rickman defended his rules official, despite admitting he found the TV cables to be easily movable.
One of the best ways to reduce waste and reuse architectural elements in commercial interiors is with movable wall systems (also called demountable wails).
says its Quick Rip Optimizing machine can be joined with either a fixed arbor or movable arbor gang ripsaw.
The company's hydraulic cushion system is composed of a mechanical crew and a hydraulic cushion placed between the screw and the bearing box of the movable calender roll.