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a hole (as in a ski mask) for the mouth

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You can usually see the back wall of the pumpkin through the eyes, nose and mouth holes. So the cleaner the inside walls look, the more effective the overall design will be.
GHOSTLY PERFECT for boys, this frighteningly fabulous outfit includes a white hooded robe with oversized bell drape sleeves, a facemask with netted eye and mouth holes, and a PVC chain about four and a half feet long.
The pair wore balaclavas or dark woolly hats pulled over their faces with eye and mouth holes cut out, dark clothes and runners.
Homely character models waggle their mouth holes during cutscenes, and the barren backgrounds offer precious little distraction.
Remember to make sure eye and mouth holes are large enough on their masks to allow for proper ventilation and peripheral vision.
Hayley put in eye and mouth holes and it was perhaps fortunate that Hollie's nose remained covered so she wasn't able to catch delicious whiffs from some of the strawberry-based concoctions coming from other parts of the room.
They also wore black masks with eye and mouth holes. A white Ford Fiesta, registration number J883 NEA, used by the men was later found abandoned in Byker.
Some have small mouth holes; others have spouts so wide it's as if they are singing.
The first man was white, 6ft, and wore a dark balaclava with lighter stitching around the eye and mouth holes. He wore a grey zip-up jacket and dark trousers.
However, each model could choose whether they wanted the eye and mouth holes opened or closed.
She clutched a gauze pad with eye, nose and mouth holes to her burned features.