moustache cup

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a drinking cup with a bar inside the rim to keep a man's mustache out of the drink


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Of the four items pictured here, the mug and cup are the most collectable, particularly the moustache cup as there are quite a few collectors of them.
Good quality moustache cups by well-known makers can command significant sums but this example, like the shaving mug, is fairly cheap and cheerful.
It is as if we still pay a premium for antimacassars and moustache cups because the Victorians rated them.
Peter Francis's next auction will feature part of such a single owner collection of paintings, many of a particular Welsh interest and also a single owner collection of more than 350 moustache cups!
Four works by Will Roberts are the most important of the collection of pictures to be sold while the moustache cups are from a local barber's shop.