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Synonyms for mousetrap

a trap for catching mice

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(American football) a play in which a defensive player is allowed to cross the line of scrimmage and then blocked off as the runner goes through the place the lineman vacated

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Esther McAuley (Mollie Ralston) in the 60th anniversary tour of The Mousetrap
Agatha Christie's masterpiece inspired the foundation of Mousetrap Theatre Projects, a leading educational charity.
It will continue to prosper once The Mousetrap, as it must surely do one day, snaps finally shut.
I do not, I'm afraid, remember much about the actual presentation and probably nobody realised until much later what a marvellous present Agatha Mousetrap, it was.
In an effort to address these types of issues, the Multi Rat Mousetrap has been developed.
Though building--whether mousetraps, bridges, or castles--signifies constructing an edifice, it first requires all the processes of designing, permissions, materials, and financing the mousetrap of the moment.
The letter congratulates Christie on the successful run of her play 'The Mousetrap, which broke all records for the longest running West End show.
He added, "If you've got a really good mousetrap figured out, it's a great market.
As its title might suggest, The Myth of the Mousetrap is more a book of insights than a step-by-step guide to success, though it does take you through the five steps of effective presentation.
Carefully pull back the mousetrap lever (watch your fingers
Building a better mousetrap can be a daunting task, especially since the one on the market since 1897 already has a kill rate of 80%-plus, which in itself would seem impossible to surpass.
One biochemist, Michael Behe, uses a mousetrap as an example: One piece added to a partial mousetrap does not produce any useful ability.
Through our magazine and our other outlets, we will continue to identify the young entrepreneur who has, indeed, discovered how to build the better mousetrap.
The Mousetrap," as an anachronistic device of representation and storage, might be said to "wipe away all trivial fond records" (1.