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a small portable pad that provides traction for the ball of a computer mouse


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However, it feels too smooth on hard mousepads like the Corsair MM400.
15ISK + Razer mouse, mousepad and headphones worth AED 775 + 4 PC games worth AED
The keypad slides out to reveal a transparent surface, turn the phone on its side and it becomes a mousepad to navigate around the stunning widescreen.
To be fair, this journalist has used them extensively over the years and they generally tend to be more practical than the average laptop, with intelligently thought out features such as built in lights for working in dark places, a decent battery life and travel friendly features which allows a lot of things to be done through the keyboard, instead of fiddling about with a mouse or mousepad.
To support all his sites, Hancock sells "Christian Geek" merchandise--from a logo shirt to a mousepad with a cross pattern created with slashes and dashes.
A Genesis 5621 analog-to-digital conversion board mated to the ATX backboard is already included, in addition to a fingertip mousepad, 10-key pad and detachable 108-key keyboard, all in a 13.
The MP-095 mousepad features a dimpled surface and polyurethane wrist rest, which puts less burden on the wrist, enabling extended computer use.
It's easy enough to get distracted if you're waiting for your computer to download a large file or you've had to reboot your machine again, which is where the mousepad doodle, below, comes in.
Well, here's an activity book cum mousepad to help you make the most of this enforced computer downtime.
The instructions for applying the mousepad conclude with this:
For the more technically-minded, an Imagineering Fair will offer youngsters a chance to create a personalised mousepad or meet inventor of the clockwork radio Trevor Baylis.
And while you're there, don't forget to pick up your "Boston Technology Way" mousepad and register to win other good stuff
The silver-coloured Barbie computers with pink and purple floral accents, will include monitors and speakers and come with special Barbie accessories such as the Barbie Digital Camera, a flowered Barbie mouse, mousepad and CD holder.
For example, Kool mailed out a rather expensive 8 3/4[inches] x 11 1/2[inches] envelope package last winter that included both coupons and, of all things, a logo mousepad.
Zerg Rush Mousepad: This Collector's Edition mousepad depicts the Terran Dominion holding out desperately under the onslaught of the Swarm.