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having the approximate size of a mouse

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Annoyingly they frequently leave a lot of it to go stale, but then that's what we get for serving more than mouse-sized portions.
He races boats in Central Park, takes a swing on the minature golf course and escapes prowling cats at high speed in his mouse-sized car.
To do otherwise would have rewarded companies that sell mouse-sized portions of food.
Being asked about 100 mouse-sized Nigel Farages or one Nigel Farage-sized mouse cea5) Coventry's ring road is a bit like Marmite.
Caption: The mouse-sized Etendeka round-eared sengi (Macroscelides micus) was recently discovered.
To test the theory, Alm and Erdman fed one group of mice a normal mouse diet and the other group the same diet with a mouse-sized serving of vanilla yoghurt.
This mouse-sized animal climbs flowers to eat nectar and pollen.
They carried with them a Noah's ark full of domesticated plants and animals--the coconut tree (found wild in only a few places), taro and other crop plants, chickens, pigs, dogs, and a mouse-sized rodent called the Pacific rat.
Whether the piece of Plattsmouth limestone sample placed outdoors and gnawed by a wild, mouse-sized rodent was simply put in a convenient spot, or attracted the rodent for physical or nutritional needs, remains uncertain.
REMEMBER CUECAT, THE MOUSE-SIZED BAR CODE SCANNER that was going to blow the top off magazine advertising?
The product is called FLO TV and will offer up to 20 channels that will be received through a small mouse-sized antenna mounted on the roof.
The kidneys grew into functional mouse-sized organs, filtering the blood and producing urine, they reported in Nature Medicine journal.
Fine Line, for its part, saw two notable successes with Gus Van Sant's Cannes honoree "Elephant" left a mouse-sized footprint at a whisker over $1 million domestically, and "American Splendor," raking in just over $6 million.
The melon's most common name in Spanish is "sandiita" (little watermelon), but it has a slew of other monikers in local dialects and Native American languages, many of which translate as "mouse melon." These colloquial names are not surprising because the fruits resemble superminiaturized watermelons, the perfect scale for a mouse-sized picnic.
A mouse-sized Steed could still triumph and even before Bond's Blofeld made cat-stroking look ominously sinister, Steed and Emma discovered that PURRR (The Philanthropic Union for Rescue, Relief and Recuperation of Cats) was no more than a front for malevolent moggie-fanciers.