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It is observed that application of AA and CO could effectively induce mouse ear edema with a peak at 1 h with AA and 6h with CO.
Capsaicin (20 [micro]l) (5 mg/ml dissolved in acetone) was applied topically to left surface of each mouse ear to induce edema.
A general topical method to assay for anti-inflammatory activity of plant samples is the 12-O--tetradecanoylphorbol-13 acetate (TPA) induced mouse ear oedema model (Carlson et al.
was evaluated on acute and chronic models of dermatitis induced by 12-0-tetradecanoyl-phorbol-13-acetate (TPA) and oxazolone, respectively, in mouse ear.
In order to address the potential of this agent as a modulator of the immune system, we investigated the effect of sidestream smoke on the induction (sensitization) and elicitation (challenge) phases of CHS using the mouse ear swelling assay.
The altogether fetching, ground-hugging alpine forget-me-nots are at their peak in mid-July (followed closely by such charmers as alpine sandwort, mouse ear, and rockjasmine).
And while the world-famous mouse himself never made an appearance, convention attendees were treated to a video featuring the ACTE Board of Directors decked out in mouse ears.
Microsoft had complained that Disney had used its full logo, including mouse ears on a push channel on Netscape's rival Netcaster, contrary to its deal with Microsoft.
If I'm reading my Bible Code correctly, soon Minnie Mouse ears will come with chadors, The Flume Ride will be a baptismal font.
Stan Gerasimczyk, DZ's current vice president of stores, who worked with Moore at both Disney and Williams-Sonoma, recalls that at Disney, Moore once happily dressed up as the Seven Dwarfs' Doc, "and she certainly put on her share of Mickey Mouse ears.
Times Square itself has been taken back from the night stalkers to once again become the Crossroads of the World, albeit one wearing mouse ears.
Feld promises that there are no Mickey Mouse ears in Ludwig Gambits, even though the title of this season's fourth premiere recalls Wolfgang Strategies, made in 1992, in which the choreographer did incorporate Mickey Mouse ears.