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an event that involves rising to a higher point (as in altitude or temperature or intensity etc

framework used for support or display

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At the start (end) of a mounting behavior, a mounting cow moves up (down) abruptly creating upward (downward) motion vectors with significant magnitude.
Although some portion of a mounting behavior may be missed by a partial occlusion, we can utilize the motion history information to resolve the fence-occlusion problem.
Reproduction aside, the most common cause of mounting behavior is a response to stress, anxiety, and/or excitement.
The longer your dog has practiced his mounting behavior, the harder it will be to change.
Mounting behavior is quite similar among the various species of four-legged mammals.
2 Paired-samples t test was used to determine changes of feeding, drinking, fighting, lying, exploratory, defecating, urinating, and mounting behaviors.
Christensen, persistent mounting behavior may stem from an underlying anxiety issue, offering a way for an insecure dog--male or female--to test and retest its dominance among other dogs.
The authors suggest alterations in mounting behavior as being the reason for this discrepancy (Robertson et al.
That would be interesting, they observe, because a few pharmacological studies in the early 1970s found that "depletion of tryptophan in rats and rabbits lowers serotonin levels and triggers male homosexual mounting behavior.
Play: Dogs that become very aroused or excited during play may exhibit mounting behavior.
Neutering also reduces aggressive tendencies, especially aggression between two males, as well as mounting behaviors and the tendency to urine-mark (leg-lift) in the house.