mountain trail

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a trail through mountainous country

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At least that's what I kept telling myself during the second consecutive trip up Lowder Mountain Trail, this time leaving my 15-pound backpack behind for the day, opting for a quick run up and down.
Gary Sells, will present ``The Value Mountain Trail,'' a kids' multicultural cowboy, story-picture book that teaches boys and girls to make the right choices.
The interior of the park might appear uniformly parched and gray, but if you wander up Ryan Mountain trail at this time of year, as we did a few weeks ago, you might find the mountain's crown - and all of its cactus residents - covered with a generous dusting of snow.
MOUNT WILSON _ Using ropes, pulleys and slings, 10 Los Angeles County firefighters Friday pulled a 7-year-old mare out of a ditch off a steep mountain trail after the horse fell in during a late afternoon ride.
The Canadian national, who is a copy editor for the nation's oldest English daily, carried the torch about 100 meters with high school student Lim Su-min through a mountain trail in central Seoul, Sunday.
29, after a 16-day trek through the mountains along the Lebanon Mountain Trail.
Contract awarded for Suan mountain trail maintenance construction
When we approached a fork in the trail, we went right, leaving Alpine Trail for Tire Mountain Trail, its name etched into a fallen tree limb with an arrow pointing the way.
AFTERNOON A long hike on the Atalaya Mountain Trail in New Mexico, followed by an amazing green chilli bacon cheeseburger at Santa Fe BITE and a root beer float.
He has completed three 100-mile mountain trail races and several others of 50-mile, 50K and marathon distances.
Carl, from Pencoed, near Bridgend, set off on the US Appalachian Mountain Trail, a 2,186-mile trek passing through 14 states from Georgia to Baxter Peak, Maine, last week and is attempting to complete the epic feat in time to return home to celebrate his daughter Katie's sixth birthday in July.
Police think he may have taken an unplanned hillwalking trip on the Glen Nevis mountain trail.
This will be followed by a multi-terrain half marathon, an 11km mountain trail run and a 10km city run.
Nagano prefectural police say the three men were found dead Tuesday on a popular mountain trail at an elevation of nearly 3,000 meters (9,900 feet).
The guided walk, called the Iron Mountain Trail Part 2, starts at 10.