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Before me spread a small but beautiful valley, through the center of which a clear and sparkling river wound its way down to an inland sea, the blue waters of which were just visible between the two mountain ranges which embraced this little paradise.
I knew that it was practically beyond reason to imagine that tigers had crossed the mountain ranges and rivers and all the great continent of Europe to travel this far from their native lairs, and entirely impossible that they should have crossed the English Channel at all.
I can buy you ALL, and have mountain ranges of manure left
They had proceeded for a half or three-quarters of a mile when, at a turning of the gorge, Tarzan saw before him a narrow valley cut deep into the living rock of the earth's crust, with lofty mountain ranges bounding it upon the south.
The successive mountain ranges appeared like dim shadows, and the setting sun cast on the woodland a yellow gleam, much like that produced by the flame of spirits of wine.
Unknown to many, the Madia-as Mountain Range in the Central Panay is a possible home to several scientific treasures that would still be explored and discovered.
Dr Mahmood, through his research, has predicted that a new mountain range will emerge in the region.
Few outside the country know there's a 1,400-kilometer-long mountain range with a magnificent view stretched vertically from Mt.
Baghdad / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / - The Commander of Ground Forces, Lieutenant General Riyadh Jalal Tawfiq ordered to carry out operations in the range of Hamrin - Zarka mountain and Makhal mountain range - the village of Midan.
by Times News ServiceTemperatures have dropped to -5 degrees Celcius in the Al Hajar Mountain Range.
A low speed mountain range effective exploitation zone EeAu Gagra mountain range, Kolkheti Valley and Eastern Georgian lowlands.
NNA - Wednesday's weather in Lebanon is expected to be partly cloudy coupled with steady temperature degrees in the interior and on the mountain range, according to the Meteorology Department at Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport.
In which mountain range is the Scottish mountain Ben Nevis?
MAREB, July 12 (Saba) - The army and popular committees cleansed on Tuesday Attias Mountain Range in Serwah district of Mareb province.
MORE than a hundred volunteers of an NGO and environmentalists of Gurugram and Faridabad started the Chipko movement in Pali area to save eco fragility of the Aravalli mountain range on Sunday.
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