mountain pine

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Synonyms for mountain pine

evergreen tree of New Zealand resembling the kawaka

tall pine of western North America with stout blue-green needles

low shrubby pine of central Europe with short bright green needles in bunches of two

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In order to protect Albertas forests, the province is providing Hinton with $300,000 for the detection, control and suppression of mountain pine beetle on municipal and private lands.
One time there was a tree that I found that appeared to be really resistant [to white pine blister rust], so we caged the cones even though it hadn't been treated for the mountain pine beetle," she says.
The mountain pine beetle epidemic shows signs of subsiding for now, but another pest--the emerald ash borer, an invasive beetle from Asia that feeds on ash trees--is moving in to take its place.
And the need to turn things around is growing even more pressing as climate change exacerbates the problem and the trees keep dying: "We've lost a quarter of the whitebark that we had when we started this program, primarily to mountain pine beetle and wildland fire," said Mary Frances Mahalovich, a geneticist who began screening whitebark seedlings in 1999 at a U.
Our study area was located in the Cayo District, Belize, 6 km from the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve.
In our previous studies, both phenol-liquefied bark-PF resol resins and alkaline bark extractivePF resol resins were successfully formulated using the mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins)--infested lodgepole pine barks (Pinus contorta Dougl.
Focusing on 2006,2007, and 2012--the three peak years of wildfire activity in the West since 2002--researchers conducted a spatial overlay analysis of satellite maps of public lands comparing wildfires and infestations of mountain pine beetles.
When a female mountain pine beetle locates a frail tree, she emits a chemical signal to her friends, who swarm to her by the hundreds.
Her picture was a lovely collage of her and family on Easter Vacation in Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve in Belize.
Other types of invasive species include the giant hogweed, a toxic plant that can raise blisters on skin, and the mountain pine beetle that has destroyed millions of hectares of pine trees in British Columbia.
And now a newer threat, expanding populations of mountain pine beetles, is exacerbating the effects of blister rust.
By taking advantage of this easily accessible timber, making continuous mill renovations, and developing rail reloads across the state to access dead and dying timber affected by the mountain pine beetle epidemic, we have positioned our mill as an export leader in Montana's industry.
Billions of trees killed in the wake of mountain pine beetle infestations have not resulted in a large spike in carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, contrary to predictions.