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These funerary monuments are located in the central-western sector of the Sierra de Aralar in a closed depression to the south of a small mountain chain with a general N-s direction (Argarbi-Pikoketa).
Using the wildly diverse 4,300-mile South American mountain chain as a backdrop, filmmaker and writer Kim MacQuarrie revisits the triumphs and depredations of such varied figures in the region as Charles Darwin, Che Guevara, drug cartel chief Pablo Escobar, Machu Picchu "discoverer" Hiram Bingham and the ever-mythic Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
CENEVRE (CyHAN)- People who are attempting to flee ISIL-controlled areas in Iraq, particularly through the Hamrin mountain chain in north-eastern Iraq, are facing a 'violent clampdown', according to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), which has received reports that ISIL gunmen have set ambushes for people fleeing areas they control and that ISIL snipers have reportedly attacked and killed those who have been caught.
Pope Valley is included in the Napa Valley American Viticultural Area, even though it is located across the Vaca Mountain chain from Napa Valley proper and sits at a higher altitude.
Hamza Shahbaz while addressing the inaugural ceremony of first Mountain Film Festival at a local hotel under the aegis of PTDC said that an excellent mountain chain of the world is present in Pakistan and present government is taking maximum steps for the provision of infrastructure and facilities.
That image will be of the Holyoke Range, a modest but picturesque mountain chain that scientists believe has existed for 200 million years.
12) The--mountain chain is in the far western portion of South America and is the longest north-south mountain chain in the world.
The completion of the man-made marina, scenic location nestled in the Hajjar mountain chain and proposed Fairmont hotel go a long way in making this a very special resort," Al Dhaheri added.
He said the combined force had conducted a large-scale campaign that covered the districts of al-Riad and al-Rashad, some areas of al-Huweija district and the Hamrin mountain chain.
In 1892, John Muir founded the Sierra Club to preserve the Sierra Nevada mountain chain.
Naryn region leased Jetim-Too mountain chain to Jety-Ogyz district of Issyk-Kul region in 1974 for 25 years, Akun stated.
The race took place in cycling heaven Au a circuit from the old heart of Cape Town down the eastern side of the Table Mountain chain to the Cape Point gate of the Table Mountain National Park, and then back up to the Atlantic coastline to finish on the Green Point Common, the coastal cityAAEs historic place of recreation.
AaAa The king later inaugurated a hostel for young girls in the municipality of Imouzzer Kandar, in the middle atlas mountain chain, 230 km east of Rabat.
Russia claims its continental shelf extends along the Lomonosov Ridge, a mountain chain running underneath the Arctic.
Researchers used remote-controlled vehicles to study the waters around a mountain chain on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, known as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.