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Synonyms for mound




Synonyms for mound

to put into a disordered pile

Synonyms for mound

(baseball) the slight elevation on which the pitcher stands

structure consisting of an artificial heap or bank usually of earth or stones

the position on a baseball team of the player who throws the ball for a batter to try to hit


form into a rounded elevation

References in classic literature ?
He vanished behind the mound, and for a moment there was silence.
I saw again, in the dim evening light, the unsightly mound which had so strangely attracted my attention at Gleninch.
At so much a week, they had engaged men to dig into the mound and to sift the ashes.
However unpleasant the task might be, hands alone were used in the further examination of the mound. The first and foremost necessity was to place the morsels of paper (in flat cardboard boxes prepared for the purpose) in their order as they were found.
Indeed, Dorothy wondered at first why the Wheelers did not roll up this path; but when she followed it to the foot of the mound she found that several big pieces of rock had been placed directly across the end of the way, thus preventing any one outside from seeing it and also preventing the Wheelers from using it to climb up the mound.
It'll look but a poor dead flat without the Mounds. Still I don't say that I'm going to keep 'em always there, for the sake of the beauty of the landscape.
Not resting satisfied with giving that much chace to Mrs Boffin's fancies, they pursued them into the yard and outbuildings, and under the Mounds. And setting the lantern, when all was done, at the foot of one of the Mounds, they comfortably trotted to and fro for an evening walk, to the end that the murky cobwebs in Mrs Boffin's brain might be blown away.
Both combatants fell dead upon the ground; and possibly some rational people may think of them, as of the gloomy madmen on the Monks' Mound, that they were no great loss to the community.
The shoulders lay upon a low mound, and the head was turned back at an angle otherwise impossible, the expanded eyes staring blankly backward in a direction opposite to that of the feet.
At four o'clock, conscious of his throbbing heart, Levin stepped out of a hired sledge at the Zoological Gardens, and turned along the path to the frozen mounds and the skating ground, knowing that he would certainly find her there, as he had seen the Shtcherbatskys' carriage at the entrance.
He went towards the mounds, whence came the clank of the chains of sledges as they slipped down or were dragged up, the rumble of the sliding sledges, and the sounds of merry voices.
The preparation of mantlets, movable shelters, and various implements of war, will take up three whole months; and the piling up of mounds over against the walls will take three months more.
The results of an excavation carried out in May 2009 have shown the area had been home to a Bronze Age burial mound, although 19th Century grave robbers had got there before the excavators and removed the burial.
Mound and ridge furrows had the highest value of bulk density and this was significantly higher (p=0.05) than untilled zero tillage and manually cleared soils and those at different positions of mound or ridge.
This indicates substantially lower levels of macroporosity in the mound soils.