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periodic shedding of the cuticle in arthropods or the outer skin in reptiles

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Chitinolytic enzymes in the integument and midgut-gland of the shrimp Palaemon serratus during the moulting cycle.
Key words: Japanese quail, Productive Performance, Hatching traits, Moulting.
Moulting in avian species is the periodic shedding and replacement of feathers as well as rejuvenation of the reproductive system (Berry, 2003).
But they do get to gorge on their favourite fish beforehand to give them the energy they need to see them through the moulting period, so it's not all bad."
The maximum instar duration was recorded in 3x3 ft spacing [(I (89.04 h), II (67.92 h), III (115.92 h), IV (128.4 h) and V (195.12 h)] in first rearing and second rearing [ I (88.56h), II (66.96 h), III (115.44h), IV (127.44h) and V (194.64h)] and minimum instar duration was recorded in 9x9 ft spacing [I (83.04 h), II (64.32 h), III (76.56 h), IV (119.52 h) and V (184.08) in first rearing and in second rearing I (81.12 h), II (62.64 h), III (75.12 h), IV (117.84 h) and V (182.88 h)] and similar trend was also observed with respect of moulting duration where maximum duration recorded in 3x3 ft spacing [1st (24.74 h), 2nd (25.03 h), 3rd (25.45 h) and 4th (25.61 h) in first rearing and 1st (24.43 h), 2nd (25.00 h), 3rd (25.38 h) and 4th (25.59 h) in second rearing].
The lobsters in the two laboratory experiments were checked every other day and any mortalities were recorded and removed, at the same time any lobsters undergoing moulting were noted.
You should also regularly check your rabbit's skin to look for dandruff, especially behind the ears and along the spine as this, together with heavy moulting, can be a sign of mites.
In view of the importance of aminergic neurotransmitters in the regulation of various crustacean neurohormones, an attempt has been made to elucidate the modulatory effect of serotonin on moulting in the Indian freshwater field crab Oziotelphusa senex senex (Fabricius).
Regression analysis of population moult scores offered a useful tool to support estimates derived from recaptures of actively moulting individuals and had been widely used in analysis of moult data.
Overlap between breeding and moulting in the Great Tit Parus major and the Willow Tit P.
The effects of moulting and age on egg geometry were evaluated during three age groups in four varities of Aseel chicken.
Moulting and growth of male snow crab, Chionoecetes opilio (Decapoda: Majidae), in the southern Gulf of St.
It's nature at work, but that's no consolation for Liz Shankland, who is coming to terms with the moulting season
The objective of current study was to assess the effect of moulting on productive efficiency in Aseel chickens at different phases of age.
The longest moulting period after first instar (1680 minutes) was recorded in control and the shortest period (1270 minutes) was observed when larvae were subjected to 30oC and 60% R.H.