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In the CT plots, the soil was ploughed up to a depth of 20-25 cm using a mouldboard plough consisting of four coulters that were spaced 0.
Similarly subsoiling with chisel plough resulted to higher grain yield in maize compared with mouldboard plough which resulted in lower yield (Wasaya et al.
Soil Adhesion Preventing Mechanism of Bionic Buldozing Plates and Mouldboard Ploughs.
Moreover, the conventional soil tillage with mouldboard plough also emits into the atmosphere important quantities of C[O.
Determination of the Performance of Shallow, High - Speed Mouldboard Ploughs.
Special attention should be given to the tillage practices with a mouldboard plough.
Although complete soil inversion with a mouldboard plough is better at controlling weeds and more thoroughly reduces repellency, the rotary spader is more successful when incorporating clay and/or lime into the soil because these amendments are distributed throughout the working depth instead of being buried in a layer at depth.
The surfaces of bulldozing plates and mouldboard ploughs were modified according to the surface morphology of dung beetle.
1]) for basic soil preparation with mouldboard plough and harrow, 32 % (59.
In all but the mouldboard plough plot, all tractor operations were carried out in 2 passes of 2.
2007) investigated POC and AC in soil samples under different tillage systems (notill, mouldboard plough and mini-mouldboard plough); after 24-32 months, total and labile SOC concentrations were reduced by 24-88% at 0-2.
In another laboratory experiment, enamel coating on mouldboard plough surface reduced the draft by up to 26%, depending on soil moisture content and working speed (Salokhe et al.
A mouldboard plough is commonly used to plough soil prior to sowing new pasture seed because it breaks up the soil and inverts the furrow (McLaren and Cameron 1996).
to assess experimentally tillage erosion intensity associated with the most important tillage implement, mouldboard plough, by deriving tillage translocation and soil flux coefficients, and comparing them with published values;
Description of soil management systems Management system Symbol Description Cerrado CER Natural Cerrado area next to the experimental area, used as a reference environment (soil without anthropic action) Conventional CT Soil preparation with a heavy disc tillage with harrow and cultivation with soybean heavy disc harrow for 13 years No-till planting NTl Soil preparation with a disc plough in with biannual the first 2 years and mouldboard plough rotation in the subsequent 2 years.