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a Russian peasant (especially prior to 1917)

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Even that moujik, Rogojin, you saw, brought her a hundred thousand roubles
If Frank's writing on Pushkin was a campaign in the dual struggle against Bolshevism and Nazism, he abstained from simplistic sociopolitical reactions in Russia of the later Gershenzon or of Shchegolev's Pushkin and The Moujiks (1928) or Blagoi's The Sociology of Pushkin's Art (1929).
Though there is a kind of pathetic nostalgia for Moscow from the visiting moujiks in 'Muzhiki', to say nothing of the sisters in Tri sestry, Chekhov takes a broader view of Russian late nineteenth-century society, and apparently sees little scope for the town miraculously to solve the village's problems, just as he is free of all idealization of village life, shocking many contemporary liberals by his robust comments on the peasants.
Death was feared only by the rich moujiks, and the richer they got the less they believed in God and in the salvation of the soul; it was only out of fear of their earthly end, just to be on the safe side, that they placed candles and had prayers said in church.