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the act of coloring with areas of different shades

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Five samples out of twelve CGMMV ELISA positive samples showing sever mottling and varying degree of mosaic were chosen as representative of the two main crops in Riyadh and Hail regions for molecular characterization.
Dr Zohoori said studies in children aged six and under living in a fluoridated area suggested that swallowing fluoridated toothpaste when brushing rather than living in a fluoridated area might put a child at risk of over exposure and mottling.
As basic dental care for the island population was minimally existent, is was inferred that most likely increased concentrations of natural fluoride in the drinking water of the island of Brava was responsible for the high incidence of enamel mottling demonstrated clinically in the subject population (see results).
Intermediate forms that were light brown with black mottling were very rare (less than 1%), while the placement of mottled and uniform seed in the fruits was random (personal observations).
In addition to direct yield losses due to virus infection, it is also known that some viruses, like BPMV and SMV alone or in combination, impact seed appearance by causing seed coat mottling (Hobbs et al.
Poor growth, pale mottling of the foliage and, in cauliflowers, `whiptail' leaves are among the symptoms.
There's also a great variety of more showy hybrids such as the Excelsior group, which are tall and come in a variety of colours including white, yellow, pink, purple and red, with maroon mottling inside each bell.
There was no clear relation between the degree of strong brown mottling in the A- and E-horizons and duration of saturation of those horizons.
The company's inks are said to be ideal for mottling, stamping, silkscreening and marking.
This majestic tree, which may reach a height of 80 feet, is recognizable by the flat top of its canopy and the attractive mottling of its bark.
We saw a similar mottling of teeth," as well as malformations in their mineral structure, she told Science News.
Their teeth also showed a mottling of the enamel, caused apparently by the fact that their drinking water had a higher-than-average content of fluoride ions.
One recycler, for example, has seen times when the carbon black for masking mixed-color mottling has cost much as the recycled resin feedstock itself.