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the operator of streetcar

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He said the eve of Operation Motorman TV address by the then Secretary of State William Whitelaw disappointed the soldiers.
The young motorman could hear a gong which was the signal that the other tram was in need of assistance, so he applied his hand-brake and walked up the bank to the other tram.
A great deal of preparatory work seemed to be necessary by the motorman, and as the people stood and watched every movement, this old lady, to whom the idea of a car being able to move without any visible power was incomprehensible, kept remarking, "It'll never go, It'll never go.
Hopley made it 3-2 on 70 minutes, then ex- Motorman Aspinall finished matters off with a 25-yard screamer.
A RELATIVE of an IRA man killed during Operation Motorman in 1972 has blamed Sinn Fein chiefs Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness for his brother's death.
Tom Anderson, U-2 motorman, is recognized as one of the top turbine engine builders in motorsports.