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the operator of streetcar

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The officer in charge of the gunner who killed Daniel and who also wounded his cousin Christopher Hegarty, said Motorman was "one of the most potentially aggressive operations that had taken place like the Suez crisis".
He said the eve of Operation Motorman TV address by the then Secretary of State William Whitelaw disappointed the soldiers.
The young motorman could hear a gong which was the signal that the other tram was in need of assistance, so he applied his hand-brake and walked up the bank to the other tram.
The motorman hadn't told the conductress what he was doing and that he had left the car and he had only walked a few yards when he turned and saw the lights of his own tram had disappeared.
A motorman said : "When you shift from one electrical system you have to lower the pantograph run on neutral for a few seconds and raise it back up when you enter the other electrical system.
Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ) CEO Hristiyan Krastev also reported the vehicle was operated by the assistant train driver, and not my the motorman himself, when the engine left the rails.
The fog thickened even more and Linkhorn, who was a qualified motorman, sounded his gong all the way as the tram passed by Bigges Main, Coach Lane and Benton Road.
Two minutes later Leigh almost got straight back into the game when a well worked free-kick saw ex- Motorman Willis strike a fierce drive which Dittmer did well to turn on to the bar.