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having no motor

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Denny put the word out that he was looking for a REO motorless reel push mower.
SMC will continue to offer all families of electric actuators with integrated motor as standard for “out of the box” plug-n-play applications, and expanding the motorless option will provide engineers, machine builders and the like with more discretion for customized solutions.
That's not stopping Middleton, however, who is convinced an increase in motorless areas will be good for ducks and duck hunting.
With much of the activity on nearby Crescent and Odell lakes centering on motorized recreation, a gas-motor ban would ensure that Waldo Lake, traditionally not a favorite destination for people with gas-powered boats, remains available to the many kayakers, canoeists, campers and others who prefer a quieter, more tranquil - and motorless - experience.
He took charge of a motorless Mirror dinghy, did it up, and optimistically set off down the rivers and canals.
In the 1950's, a method of harvesting bay scallops in Menemsha Pond, Martha's Vineyard, involved a large motor boat towing a line of motorless rowboats, each with a fisherman and towing two dredges.
The BECKAIR Pneu-Power is a bladeless, motorless fan which provides either powerful vacuum or powerful flow for extracting and conveying all kinds of materials in the processing, manufacturing and bulk handling industries.
The Beckair Pneu-Power is a bladeless, motorless fan, which provides either powerful vacuum or powerful flow for extracting and conveying all kinds of materials in the processing, manufacturing and bulk handling industries.
In 1999, Witkes took over the presidency of the Durango Motorless Transit Club, a running club whose membership had sunk to an all-time low of 25.
The curiosity known in parental circles as an ATP is a sort of motorless 4x4 that can see little Sion or Sien join mum and dad in the heart of wildest Wales from a very tender age.
Fresh, frozen, deep- Other major household Motor vehicles and frozen seafood appliances engines Preserved or Glassware and Boats, steamers, tugs, processed fish & tableware platforms, rigs seafood Fresh, pasteurised, Cutlery and Locomotives, vans, sterilized milk silverware wagons Condensed, powdered Motorless kitchen & Aircraft and other milk domestic utensils aeronautical equipment Other milk products Motorless garden Other transport excluding cheese appliances equipment Processed and Electric bulbs, unprocessed cheese wires, plugs, etc.
A 1994 document from the bank's transportation development department waxes rhapsodic over the benefits of motorless mobility, saying that such vehicles "provide a flexible form of transport where it is needed most--in activities that are essential to the basic quality of life.
Connected behind each transport plane by a towrope was a high-wing motorless aircraft loaded with highly trained paratroopers.
The 35th anniversary of the mini motorless marvels began with the opening of a permanent exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum on the Miracle Mile stretch of Wilshire Blvd.
Most Indonesia fishing vessels are motorless boats operating in coastal waters off areas densely populated such as the sea off northern Java and the Bali strait, Malacca strait and sea off the western coast of South Sulawe4si.