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There is a motorbus going to Grove Hill, a single deck tram on its way to the Transporter Bridge terminus, which had to be single deck to pass under Albert Bridge, and a horse and cart.
1897 Britain's first motorbus service began in Bradford.
WALES' motorbus services developed hand-in-hand with tramways and involved civic enterprise as well as the efforts of entrepreneurs such as Edward Phillips of Holywell, who in 1921 converted a French-built car into a bus?
Serious competition to railroads began in the 1920s in the form of the automobile, the motorbus, the highway truck, and, later, commercial airplanes.
A rented motorbus took us to a destination of special interest: Rodrigo Silva, the site of some topaz mines.
Participants will board a motorbus at the college's upper parking lot on the main campus at 7:45 a.