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Participants will board a motorbus at the college's upper parking lot on the main campus at 7:45 a.
The vehicle shown ran from 1942 to 1962, much longer than the average life of a motorbus.
In October 1941, a raid on the Market Place meant three trolley-buses and a motorbus were burnt out.
TICKETS, PLEASE: Lynn Berry working as a conductor; BOYS DAY OUT: Corporation officials and councillors on King George Road in South Shields before the opening of their new light railway and, inset, a Roe bodied Crossley Motorbus 144; OLD DAYS: King Street, South Shields, in the 1960s
The system remained largely unchanged until 1957, when the coastal route was converted to motorbus.
By 1913 we had motorbus services, by 1931 trolleybuses, by 1940 the tramway system had been abandoned.
While the vast majority (75pc) of motorists do not condone the actions of safety camera vandals, the credibility of remote enforcement has fallen to such an extent that most drivers questioned in the NOP World MotorBus survey admitted they would rather turn a blind eye than speak up.
Together they have just brought out HuddersfielD: (note the capital D after the lettering on bus sides) The Municipal Motorbus Story.