motor mower

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a lawn mower powered by a gasoline motor

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Ownership of cars, motorcycles and labour-saving devices boomed, with them the mass-produced motor mower, introduced by Charles H.
which Jason says dates it as a more recent offering from the firm than his push Motor Mower, which has a tag that says "Motor Mower Co.
When first seen, V-C is living at home in the outer suburbs of Melbourne and working in his dad's motor mower sales and servicing store.
Otherwise, a motor mower, for example, may spring into life when the blades are turned by hand.
Informing your insurance company that the shed from which your motor mower was stolen was unlocked would probably negate your insurance policy but let's not worry about that.
Consequently, the club are purchasing a new motor mower, which should allow their home pitch to return to its former glory as one of the best surfaces on the local amateur circuit.
The story is as straight as the miles of highway old geezer Richard Farnsworth covers on his motor mower.
THERE is nothing worse than getting out the motor mower for the first cut of the new season to find it will not start.
Well, it takes her an hour to cut her back lawn with a motor mower and another hour to trim her edges, whereas I can cut my front and back with my ancient electric job in about 10 minutes if the flex doesn't wrap itself round a rose bus.
He drives to and from work on a motor mower under the ferocious eye of his battleaxe mother (Kathy Bates), who is like a redneck version of Peggy Mount.
BOOZY Tristan Williams was banned for three years yesterday for driving a motor mower at TWO MILES AN HOUR while drunk.
Delivery of a motor mower combination with equipment carrier and Streuautomat.
The plot is founded on the comical pretext of the untimely death (by runaway motor mower into a garden pool) of a former pop star, played by Noddy Holder.