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your memory for motor skills

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The choreography combinations shown by the professor will train the motor memory and coordination, will aim at the concentration ability, availability, appreciation of guidelines and inner desire for self-perfecting, self-knowledge, awareness of one's body in movement through the image provided by the example, but also by their own mental image.
Skateboarders call on motor memory to determine intuitively that a sharp early descent creates a speed advantage, he reported November 5.
There are several devices, such as the Shallow Water Egress Trainer (SWET) and Shallow Water Initial Motor Memory Egress Release (SWIMMER), that aviators complete before coming to the final dunker evolution.
Piano performance involves motor memory in a way that memorizing digits or chess boards does not.
That's going to be what's called Stage 2 sleep," she said, "which is very light sleep, easy to wake up from and good for your motor memory.
This tenant is most vital in the early stages of skill acquisition, a time when the neuromuscular pathways and congruent motor memory engrams are being constructed from scratch.
In the A not B task they are dominant on B trials through their motor memory of reaches to A.
But eventually, the new form will become motor memory and increase his shooting accuracy.