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a device on an automobile for making a warning noise

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He would have heard the sound of the motor horn and would have been able to jump out of the way''.
They constantly break the laws on environmental noise pollution and illegal use of a motor horn.
Taxi drivers who inhabit Station Square seem to have developed their own form of bush telegraph, which involves using motor horns as a means to squabble and threaten each other, and this continues day and night.
Court's verdict on noisy ice cream vans LOFTUS magistrates were called upon to decide whether ice-cream vendors could be summoned for making excessive noise with their motor horns to attract customers.
The cacophony of motor horns, music, banging, singing, wood chopping, laughter and talking continues round the clock, whereas in Palm Beach you can hear the birds sing in the middle of the day.
We used to hang these outside, " she held her be-jewelled hand up to a bunch of old fashioned motor horns suspended over the counter, " but every man that passed by squeezed the bulb.
To make matters worse, the Commission has taken no action against Gaelic Athletic Association parades which have been allowed with waving of the Irish Tricolour, the sounding of motor horns and the playing of rebel music.
The exit roads from Goodison Park were alive on Saturday night with the sound of blaring motor horns.
In the show Liberace got out one of those old motor horns with a rubber bulb on the end that you squeeze and he said, `Well, who's gonna toot ma tooter?