motor fiber

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a nerve fiber that carries impulses toward the muscles or glands

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Based on the case study 2 results, the GEHS neurophysiological classification system was a severe (sensory and motor fiber involvement), bilateral (right more than left median nerves) CTS with absent palmar and D2 DSLs on the right; prolonged palmar and D2 DSLs on the left; and prolonged DMLs to the right APB (8.
7] suggest that as motor fibers of median nerve to thenar muscles course more superficially and anteriorly than lumbrical motor fibers inside the carpal tunnel, they are more likely to be affected from the compression under the flexor retinaculum.
5] Demyelination of motor fibers results in reducing the pace of motor conduction across the impacted segment and relative sparing in amplitude of the CMAP with stimulus distal to the site of lesion.
Hence a local anaesthetic drug will begin to block motor fibers before it arrives at the centrally located sensory fibres.
Somatotopically located motor fibers in corona radiata: Evidence from subcortical small infarcts.