motor aphasia

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aphasia in which expression by speech or writing is severely impaired

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Then, hyperperfusion state detected on ASL or SPECT as well as complete motor aphasia continued for more than three weeks, which was longer than usually seen.
Aphasia testing conducted at that point showed severe transcortical motor aphasia with mild apraxia of speech.
There was motor aphasia with the right sided hemiparesis.
Extrasylvian (transcortical) motor aphasia due to lesions affecting the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex is characterized by non-fluent language, good comprehension, and good repetition.
Out of this 23 patients had motor aphasia, 4 patients had sensory aphasia and 3 patients had global aphasia.
Similarly, the sequencing (contiguity) disorder can potentially be found at two different levels: (a) when sequencing words in a sentence, as is observed in Broca's aphasia (designated by Luria as kinetic motor aphasia), or (b) in sequencing sentences in discourse, found in so-called transcortical motor aphasia (named by Luria as dynamic aphasia).
We report a case of enteric fever that presented with motor aphasia in the first week of illness.
NEUROLOGIC SYMPTOMS BEFORE AND AFTER SURGICAL TREATMENT Symptoms Second stage of CCI Third stage of CCI before after before before Nystagmus 47 3 49 12 Central paresis of 7th nerve 113 -- 63 15 Central paresis of 12th 91 -- 59 16 nerve Bulbar disturbances -- -- -- -- Motional disturbances 79 -- -- -- Disturbance of sensitivity 118 -- -- -- Motor aphasia 34 -- -- -- Sensorial aphasia 20 -- -- -- Cerebellar aphasia -- -- 9 4 Symptoms Fourth stage of CCI after before Nystagmus 77 22 Central paresis of 7th nerve 328 278 Central paresis of 12th 124 43 nerve Bulbar disturbances 63 46 Motional disturbances 303 179 Disturbance of sensitivity 189 73 Motor aphasia 74 14 Sensorial aphasia 42 9 Cerebellar aphasia 31 19 Figure 1.
On February 18, the family returned to Phnom Penh, where the patient was hospitalized with decreased February 22, he was transferred to a hospital in Bangkok where he had fever, intermittent seizures, bilateral papilledema, motor aphasia, involuntary limb movements, and somnolence requiring mechanical ventilation.
The reported clinical features include generalised convulsions, acute confusional state, psychosis, tremors, cerebellar ataxia, motor aphasia, and generalised myoclonus (2,3).