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Synonyms for motiveless

occurring without motivation or provocation

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The judge added: ''It was a brutal, senseless and almost motiveless killing of a young woman whose only failing was that she was as drunk as you were that evening.'' Miss Dowling's body was found in a pool of blood in the alleyway near the house she had been living in Upper Dicconson Street, Wigan, in March 2000.
Armed |thug Victor Griffith has been jailed for a motiveless knife attack on a man in Huddersfield town centre
He was ordered to serve at least 13 years for the "motiveless" killing before he could be considered for release.
Mr Baker said the teenager's family were distraught over the apparently motiveless attack.
A MAN has suffered severe facial injuries following a motiveless attack by a gang of armed men.
Mr Bidve, 23, was shot at close range by a gunman in an apparently motiveless attack in the Ordsall district of Salford, Greater Manchester.
The murders are cold-blooded but appear motiveless, and Luther quickly realises that the killer is a soldier and that he seems to be targeting anyone wearing a police uniform.
FULL STORY: PAGR E3 MAN GLASSED CELEBRATIN AG NEW BABY B A GANG launched a motiveless attack on a group of mates out celebrating the birth of a baby.
Summary: A violent car salesman has been jailed for carrying out a series of motiveless late-night attacks on women.
But as the 84-year-old greatgrandfather waited for a bus in his home village on Tyneside, he fell victim to an unprovoked and motiveless attack at the hands of a pair of thugs.
Detective Sergeant Allan Burton: "This appears to have been a motiveless attack."
Holstun argues that Felton's attack was not just a 'motiveless' act by a frustrated or impoverished client, but rather a "rationally motivated act" reflecting "nascent political opposition ...
It is taken for a routine, apparently motiveless, murder until the next motiveless murder fits the pattern with the letter "B." Can Poirot discover the culprit before C is killed?
They also investigate thematics of school tests (which Warhol sometimes |ailed); send-ups of final exams or pop quizzes, Warhol's screen tests transvalue failure's nausea into the giddiness of unadulterated, motiveless, lightly sexualized gazing.