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an analysis of a specific job in an effort to find the most efficient method in terms of time and effort

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The motion study of proposed engine helps the designer to imagine the observe movement thus enable him to develop the movement of the model to be realistic.
In a time motion study of a ward nurse attending about 20 beds/day, the major activities carried out in a day included: Dressing for in-patients--2.
Opportunities exist in this very competitive market for the providers who acknowledge investor fee sensitivity and make it easy, especially for existing customers, to transfer idle retirement plan assets into a Rollover IRA," says Julia Johnston-Ketterer, senior director and author of this year's Investor Rollover Assets in Motion study.
The inefficiency and red tape is massive, the sheer waste of resources palpable, and a systems analyst would invoke more changes than there are days in the year, just by looking, let alone after any time and motion study.
And now the Time and Motion study is under the microscope itself in a new exhibition at FACT.
Why not have a time and motion study through each department and act swiftly or a study report.
The 2010 centennial project used a similar model, setting in motion study groups on nine themes key to mission in the twenty-first century (www.
In 2004, MISMO conducted a Time and Motion Study that concluded that using the industry standard has a positive and quantifiable economic effect.
In this consideration, the discipline of time and motion study is extremely valuable and the theory of that discipline is well worth understanding.
Sameer Jisr Presiding over Interior and Municipal Affairs' Commission Hearing to Follow-up bill of motion Study to Reorganize the Civil Defense Directorate 13:00 Deputy Nawar Sahili Presiding over House Sub-commission of Justice and Human Rights' investigation of Means aimed at Preventing Torture 11:00 I.
Costs of managing anemia with erythropoiesis-stimulating agents during hemodialysis: A time and motion study.
As I previously and publicly suggested, the commissioners now responsible for overlooking the running of the council should have proceeded earlier with a time and motion study covering all departments to identify any overspending and wastage by the authority.
The filming was an analysis of a time and motion study.
a leading developer of value-based RFID and sensor technology applications, announced that it has successfully conducted a time and motion study using RFID technology in accommodation of the Fair Labor and Standards Act.
Time and Motion Study of nurses (Hendrich, Chow, Skierczynski, & Lu, 2008)