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"A healthy diet is not only a good way of avoiding illness, but could also have an impact on improving seminal quality".3 Further studies are required to know the effect at molecular level that is responsible for improvement in sperm motility and reproductive functions.
The set of variables such as secondary abnormalities (49.4%), total abnormalities (44.2%), normal spermatozoa (44.2%), duration of motility (43.7%) and spermatic motility (38.7%), presented a higher importance in the second principal component.
As shown in table 2, there is a negative correlation between sperm chromatin integrity with sperm count, normal morphology and progressive motility.
Motility of the spermatozoa used for freezing in most of the A.I organization is above 60 percent (Kaka et al., 2016).
To study the relationship between the expression and sperm motility, the expression levels of PHB, CAPZB, and TEKT2 in sperm were analyzed by qRT-PCR and Western blot.
Only a few studies have been done on the refrigerated human sperm, (12, 13) and the present study aimed to find a suitable condition for human sperm preservation and clarify the effects of CoQ-10, Trolox, and ATPe on sperm viability and motility patterns.
It is intriguing to speculate that acrosomal leptin receptor expression is associated with cholesterol efflux and acrosome reaction, whereas tail leptin receptor expression in human sperm may reflect leptin's modulation of hyperactivated sperm motility. Leptin STAT3 signaling may enable undifferentiated germ cells to replicate without loss of potency while triggering late-stage spermatocytes to undergo development and differentiation [19].
In the buffalo bulls of Bahawalpur district highest mass motility score was also observed in autumn followed by dry summer, spring, humid summer and winter and the difference was also non-significant (P>0.05) among all the seasons as in Sahiwal district.
The in vitro effect of different tetracycline concentrations on adult worms was showed that loss of motility was higher in 100[micro]g/ml and 50[micro]g/ ml at 36h after treatment [Table 2].
In this study, commercial vaginal lubricant gel products available locally in South Africa were selected and evaluated in-vitro on progressive spermatozoa motility to assess to the safe use of vaginal products for conceiving couples.
In deep freezing technique, vitamin E improved the sperm motility, function of mitochondria and sperm membrane integrity due to reduction of ROS (Moghbeli et al., 2016; Pena et al., 2004).
To date, research on sperm in fish has centered on initiation mechanisms of motility [10] and sperm quality for artificial fertilization [11].
Disorders of gastrointestinal (GI) motility have been described in patients with cirrhosis and can affect all parts of the GI tract.
They cover cytoskeletal and motility proteins, cytoskeleton in cell and tissue architecture, intracellular transport, cellular motility, and cell division.