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To determine the importance of NOX5 and CatSper activity in sperm function, we investigated the effects of the inhibition of NOX5 and the CatSper channel on motility, AR, and viability in the presence and absence of progesterone.
Individual Sperm Motility: Individual sperm motility in buffalo bulls was 66.
Dietary DHA enhanced motility of raw bull semen, however no affect on frozen-thawed semen (Gholami et al.
Mean progressive spermatozoa motility following exposure to different vaginal lubricants is shown in Table 1.
In deep freezing technique, vitamin E improved the sperm motility, function of mitochondria and sperm membrane integrity due to reduction of ROS (Moghbeli et al.
It is known that several factors affect sperm motility, such as pH, temperature, ions, osmolality, and ovarian fluid (OF) [22].
Semen analysis provides basic information regarding sperm count, motility and morphology, but the ability of a male to fertilise cannot be completely expressed.
Sperm motility, morphology, plasma membrane integrity, and acrosome integrity were evaluated immediately after sperm recovery.
Here, we present a low-cost and rapid paper-based microfluidic approach for quantifying male fertility potential that simultaneously measures 3 critical semen parameters in 10 min: live sperm concentration, motile sperm concentration, and sperm motility.
In vitro studies evidenced that inositols, and mainly the prevalent isomer myo-inositol (MI), are sugars strongly involved both in spermatozoa maturation and in their migration from the epididymis [8-11], suggesting a potential role for these molecules in affecting sperm motility and fertility.
A basic spermiogram was prepared, and sperm motility and morphometric variables were recorded by a computeraided system.
The flagellum is an important structure for bacterial motility and its expression is one of the pathogenicity factors modulated by Quorum Sensing (BEARSON & BEARSON, 0008; WALTER & SPERANDIO, 0006).
Subsequently, 20 [micro]L of this dilution were placed between a slide and coverslip, and rates from 0 to 100% were assigned to the motility rate, depending on the percentage of motile sperm; and point rates from 1 to 5 were assigned to the vigor of the spermatic movement.
We aim to predict results of varicocelectomy on sperm density and progressive motility using preoperative clinical, laboratory and radiological data and to propose cut-off values for significant parameters.