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Adherence and motility characteristics of clinical Acinetobacter baumanii isolates.
No lubricants such as soap or K-Y jelly should be allowed, as these impair motility.
Those in the highest had an increased sperm motility of 11% compared to the lowest.
Sperm motility percentage: The manual progressive motility and percentage of motile spermatozoa were determined by placing 100 of undiluted semen into pre-warmed tubes in digitally controlled heat blocks containing 900 [micro]l of Tris buffer and mixed thoroughly.
We sorted sperms with good motility using a width- and length-optimized microchannel, followed by a bibranch channel where cumulus cells were cultured in 1 branch to form a chemoattractant gradient to select sperms with good chemoattractive ability.
Because of this inhibitory effect, sildenafil consumption for long periods may potentiate risks of gallbladder disorders and gallstone formation resulting from disturbed gallbladder motility.
Sperm motility changes occur in a rather quick fashion, and DNA damage takes a little more time," Dr.
The anticonvulsant drugs increased the worms' motility and stimulated egg laying, suggesting that the chemicals interact with C.
We microinjected antibodies that displace calmodulin and activate KCBP into actively growing pollen tubes and found that organelle motility immediately stops after KCBP activation.
There were suggestive, borderline-significant associations for TCPY with sperm concentration and motility, whereas sperm morphology was weakly and nonsignificantly associated with both TCPY and IN.
Reductions in sperm count and motility lower the chances of conception.
Q Our present procedure includes: volume, viscosity, count (using Cell-Vu disposable counting chamber), initial motility (done within one hour of collection), morphology (Wright-Giemsa stain), vitality (if motility <40%) and another motility at six hours after collection.
These results suggest that contaminants present in the environment may lead to a deterioration of sperm count, motility (ability to move), and fertilizing ability.
There was a continuous reduction in sperm motility, or movement, and volume.
Peristalsis and normal gastrointestinal motility is a critical factor in the prevention of GER and upper gastrointestinal symptoms.