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Synonyms for mothy

worn or eaten away by (or as if by) moths


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infested with moths

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The season was studded with distinctive performances: Elizabeth Auclair mothy, ethereal, in the Graham role in Primitive Mysteries, a 1931 blue-period Rubik's cube that places the Virgin in a series of makeshift grottos, its studied, weighty naivete like the backyard ceremonies of children (the difference being this is genius); Fang-Yi Sheu, the ascendant company star, showstopping in Graham's facing-the-minotaur dance, Errand into the Maze (I love that "errand," as if facing fear is something done daily, like a trip to the grocery store, and in fact, it is).
Curry Tales is a delicious new stage show written and performed by BBC1 Heaven & Earth presenter Rani Mothy. The studio show was a hot hit at last year's Edinburgh Festival and opens at Birmingham Rep on February 8 for a week-long run.
Travel in this poem is mythic and surreal: "Walking and walking in a mothy robe [...] / I crossed the reading room and met my soul, / hunched, spinning downward on the colored globe" (1-4).
Santa Maria, pray for me, I want to stop, but I have lost my foothold on the map, now falling, falling, bent, intense, my feet breaking my clap of thunder on the street." (5-24) The speaker may be in a "reading room," as he says, walking to and fro in his "mothy robe," but the disorientation is global.
Or the fact that naming his curatorship is also up for grabs for an unspecified sum: 'Hi, I'm the Ti mothy Fortescue-Smythe III Curator of Royal Institute of British Architects Drawings at the Victoria and Albert Museum'.
Hedylids--a little mothy and a bit butterflyish--were long considered moths and placed in the inchworm group.
"Most outstanding was representing Australia at the (1996 Atlanta) Olympic Games," he says of sailing bow on the Soling keelboat skippered by Matt Hayes with Steve 'Mothy' Jarvin in the middle.
At the recent Quiet Little Drink Cocktail Party at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia for 5-year Hobart achievers, organised by Tony Cable with 'Mothy' Jarvin as MC, my special guests were David (Slingshot) Slingsby and his wife Mavis, the parents of Olympic Laser gold medallist.
Tony 'Glark' Cable was again convenor of the annual awards with Steve 'Mothy' Jarvin handling duties at the microphone.
Wild Oats XI's record-equalling third successive line honours win also marked the eighth time crew member Steve 'Mothy' Jarvin has been aboard a line honours winner.