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Synonyms for mothy

worn or eaten away by (or as if by) moths


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infested with moths

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With all the money one would never guess you were so mothy.
The vibe of the room was definitely "This is Communism" with the only free market improvement being a cheap-looking oscillating fan, its translucent blue blades covered in thick, mothy dust, the cord woven in and out of the front grill like a viper.
The season was studded with distinctive performances: Elizabeth Auclair mothy, ethereal, in the Graham role in Primitive Mysteries, a 1931 blue-period Rubik's cube that places the Virgin in a series of makeshift grottos, its studied, weighty naivete like the backyard ceremonies of children (the difference being this is genius); Fang-Yi Sheu, the ascendant company star, showstopping in Graham's facing-the-minotaur dance, Errand into the Maze (I love that "errand," as if facing fear is something done daily, like a trip to the grocery store, and in fact, it is).
Curry Tales is a delicious new stage show written and performed by BBC1 Heaven & Earth presenter Rani Mothy.
Travel in this poem is mythic and surreal: "Walking and walking in a mothy robe [.
Or the fact that naming his curatorship is also up for grabs for an unspecified sum: 'Hi, I'm the Ti mothy Fortescue-Smythe III Curator of Royal Institute of British Architects Drawings at the Victoria and Albert Museum'.