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the quality of having or showing the tenderness and warmth and affection of or befitting a mother

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"Puntini, Puntini, Puntini: Motherliness as Masquer ade in Sibilla Aleramo's Una donna." MLN 124.
But if the term "globe" is associated with pendulous breasts signifying motherliness, it is also, and more emphatically, linked with the Easter egg, "a world contained in sugar" (210), as Luke goes on to term it.
Miley encountered Sinead's rage after hitting back at an open letter she published in October in the "spirit of motherliness".
Sinead O'Connor wrote an open letter to Miley Cyrus, which she said was done in "spirit of motherliness and with love", not to be "prostituted by the music industry".
In addition, by considering the Afro-Mexican element, I explore how the notions of race, gender and motherliness are (mis)represented in Rojas Gonzalez's original source, and how they are interpreted and revised in Landeta's screenplay and film proper.
The study recommends that teachers' training about theories of learning and language liaison of the teachers of the public and private schools pleasant and appealing communicational strategies in English and motherese strategies (motherliness) on the part of the teacher for managing embarrassment can help improve the situation.
Ortiz Cofer explica que Fanny MOtor Ortiz, con su cuerpo voluptuoso y tez morena, se alejaba del modelo materno ideal que para ella representaban las madres de sus companeras de ascendencia irlandesa e italiana: "While most of the other mothers were stoutly built women with dignified gray hair who exuded motherliness, my mother was an exotic young beauty, black hair down to her waist and a propensity for wearing bright colors and spike heels.
vicarious does not deliver the tangible, and her motherliness towards
When the Princess married the King of Lu, she was an example of motherliness for the whole country ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.]).
I wanted to put in her kindness, her motherliness, almost her grandmotherliness."
(2) The world needed "the motherliness of woman in the very best sense of the word; it needs the personal touch, the practical common sense and the clear, direct thinking characteristic of women." (3)
There was consciousness of this approach and its possible positive and negative results, with Sipo, for example, reflecting on the appropriate degree of motherliness. Corsun and Costen (2001) suggested that the attempt to use perceived female characteristics to create social capital has negative as well as positive effects.
Phelps's extreme motherliness versus Christina's more enlightened insight into human behavior patterns, eventually clash in the play's climatic last scene.
Our last image of Doramin's wife is of a crouching figure with disheveled gray hair, far from her earlier "light, delicate," "witch-like" motherliness (Lord 390, 188).
The novel hints at a sorrowful past that includes lost love and possibly Clementina as Florentin's real mother; the denial of motherhood permeates her entire life and marks her as yet another feminine absence: "Clementine seems to represent not Florentin's mother so much as the very absence of a mother or of motherliness in his life" (Johnson 53).